24th Round

The 100th episode of the Zhong Ji series.

Episode Information Edit

Series: K.O.3an Guo
Season: 02
Episode No: 24
Chinese: 第二十四回
Original Airdate: August 06, 2009 / August 07, 2009
Previous Episode: 23rd Round
Next Episode: 25th Round

Summary Edit

Diao Chan falls into a deep coma, as result from drinking a warm Bian Hen Da (happened in 18th Round). Lu Bu, after some manipulative persuation from Dong Zhuo, practices Zhen Cha Jing to heal Diao Chan. Though he succeeds into curing her, she states that her love for Guan Yu is pure and that she has only taken admiration in Lu Bu.

Sun Shang Xiang brings Gan Zhao Lie back from Zhang Fei's arranged house. Though she did it out of pity, she was also hoping to impress Xiu/Liu Bei's parents and to avoid getting blacklisted. Xiu/Liu Bei, however, is troubled by the idea, but he keeps the thought to himself.

Lu Bu, heartbroken but still willing to try harder, gives Diao Chan a note to ask her out. However, his note is sweat and blurred out some of the words, and Diao Chan mistakes the meeting place. After a whole night with no show, Lu Bu finally embraces his evil path.

He tries to take Diao Chan away, but is quickly stopped by Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Xiu/Liu Bei. They erupt in battle, and "sweet-talks", in order to save Diao Chan from him. Guan Yu chases after Lu Bu in the woods, but is immediately attacked by unknown people. When a poisonous arrow pierces his arm, he attacks with all his energy before passing out. Zhao Yun manages to "save" him on time.

The next day, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao's older sister and Han's alternate counterpart, arrives at Dong Han Academy, and asks for Guan Yu. When Guan Yu introduces himself, she immediately attacks at no mercy. When Ah Xiang calms her down enough, she bursts into tears, saying that Sun Ce is dead.


  • Da Qiao makes her first official appearance in this episode.

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