26th Round

The 102nd episode of the Zhong Ji series.

Episode Information Edit

Series: K.O.3an Guo
Season: 02
Episode No: 26
Chinese: 第二十六回
Original Airdate: August 21, 2009 / August 22, 2009
Previous Episode: 25th Round
Next Episode: 27th Round

Summary Edit

Dong Zhuo tells Diao Chan to persuade Guan Yu to continue practicing Zhen Cha Jing. Though he initially seems all right, his condition worsens as he begins to bleed.

Ah Xiang concocts a plan to fool Dong Zhuo with a nightmare-causing steroid and leading him to think that she has a volume that will help him end the nightmares. Dong Zhuo teaches her Hao Cha Jing in exchange for the book. Guan Yu is finally relieved from his internal injuries. Dong Zhuo later confirms to Li Ru and Mei Niang that Hao Cha Jing only makes the practitioner look healthy on the outside, but in actuality, it is shortening his lifespan.

Da Qiao tries to make a confession to Xiu/Liu Bei, but everybody mistakes her for having a crush on him due to her odd behavior around him. When she finally confesses, they realize that she broke Xiu's/Liu Bei's guitar by accident and was merely trying to apologize.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao seems to be ignoring her sister, which is later revealed that she once caught Da Qiao together with Zhou Yu when they were still a couple and has been hiding from them ever since.

He Dong Institute is rendered in a financial crisis, until Li Ru comes back with a hand-sized coin, saying that it was produced by the nationwide school union for celebration to its founding.

Lu Bu accidentally overhears Dong Zhuo's evil intention and finally uncovers his father's true nature, which also causes his evil instincts to run amuk and break the hand-sized coin.

Xiao Qiao changes her hairstyle, just as Cao Cao begins to secretly bring her roses.

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