5th Round

The 81th episode of the Zhong Ji series.

Episode InformationEdit

Series: K.O.3an Guo
Season: 01
Episode No: 05
Chinese: 第五回
Original Airdate: March 27, 2009 / March 28, 2009
Previous Episode: 4th Round
Next Episode: 6th Round


Guan Yu decides to conquer his weaknesses, both in kung fu and school. Everyone roots for him and show support by helping him out.

Cao Cao tries to gather information about Lu Bu, Diao Chan's mysterious rescuer, but to no success.

Zhang Fei grows increasingly impatient with Lu Bu's closeness to Diao Chan and attempts to play malicious tricks on him. They begin by having Huang Zhong shoot at Lu Bu's meat at a restaurant, only to be discovered by Lu Bu who reports to Diao Chan. The next morning, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong challenge Lu Bu in combat, but get easily defeated despite they are three and he is one.

Xiao Qiao, Guan Yu and Diao Chan discover the matter and arrive just in time to stop Zhao Yun and Lu Bu's fight. Lu Bu accuses Zhang Fei, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong for attacking him together when the truth is they only took turns.

Guan Yu decides to confess his feelings to Diao Chan, but when he tries to, his nerves become too overwhelming for him to talk properly. In addition, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun secretly bring a bouquet of roses to Diao Chan's house that morning and give the credit to Guan Yu; Xiao Qiao buys a delicious lunch packet for Diao Chan, who mistakes Guan Yu to be the buyer. When she thanks him for the roses and the lunch packet, he tells that he did neither, which angers Diao Chan, who believes he is deceiving her. She states clearly that they are better off as friends and classmates, and that breaks Guan Yu's heart. Lu Bu, having eavesdropped on their conversation, challenges Guan Yu in a duel.

The next morning, Guan Yu and Lu Bu ready for battle, but before they could begin, Diao Chan softens everyone's hearts with a song and ends the duel peacefully. Xiu/Liu Bei is reminded of a similar case in the Gold Dimension when Ding Xiao Yu prevented a fight between Wang Da Dong and Wang Ya Se (Episode 2 of KO One).

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