6th Round

The 82th episode of the Zhong Ji series.

Episode InformationEdit

Series: K.O.3an Guo
Season: 01
Episode No: 06
Chinese: 第六回
Original Airdate: April 03, 2009 / April 04, 2009
Previous Episode: 5th Round
Next Episode: 7th Round


The yearly student-body president election is on. Cao Cao and Lu Bu are running for it. With help from both of sides, they manage to receive equal votes from the students. On election day, Cao Cao wins the election.

Diao Chan wants to cheer up Lu Bu by making dinner for him, but her cooking skills are too poor to make a meal. Guan Yu hears about this and decides to secretly make the dinner for her.

Dong Han Academy receives a hockey match invitation from Huang Jin High School. Should Dong Han lose, Huang Jin High School take it into their hands. They accept the challenge and meet their opponents in a hockey match. However, being known for not playing fair, the players of Huang Jin trick their way to victory, seriously injuring the Five Tiger Generals in action, and Principal Wang is forced to give up Dong Han to protect the Five Tiger Generals.

Soldiers from He Dong Institute arrive and stop Huang Jin from invading Huang Jin. With everyone's sight unattended, Principal Wang gets attacked by He Dong's principal, Dong Zhuo, and falls into a coma. Then, Dong Zhuo replaces Wang Yun's place as Dong Han Academy's principal.

Though Dong Zhuo has saved Dong Han from Huang Jin, Cao Cao is suspicious of his actions.

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