Angel 'N' Devil
KO7 Title
Series number 7
No. of episodes 26
Opening theme Angel and Devil by A'N'D
Ending theme Bu Guo Shi Qu Yi Dian Dian (不過失去了一點點) by Pets Ceng
Original run November 22, 2014 - February 15, 2015
Preceded by The X-Dormitory
Followed by KO One Re-member
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Angel 'N' Devil (終極惡女, pinyin: Zhōng jí è nǚ) is the seventh season of the KO series. It is known as K.O. Bad Girls, Angels and Devils and Angel 'n' Devil during the initial filming. It is the first series to be set in the Bronze Dimension. Despite being released after The X-Dormitory, it takes place 10 years before The X-Dormitory, concurrent with KO One Re-act.


No matter in which dimension, the battle between good and evil will never end. Where there is light, there is darkness. If the light is obscured, darkness will be produced.

A group of high school girls is the Bronze Dimension's last defense against the dark forces. They signed a contract with Xiong Ya, a guardian of light, to protect the innocent with their lives in exchange for having one wish come true. When one of their own is killed in school, their hunt for the devils in human skin brings them face to face with their own inner demon. They soon discover they are not about the influence of evil.


Main Cast:Edit

  • Chen Teddy as Xiong Ya
  • Hsiang Simon as Wang Cha Li
  • Wen Yu Fei as Yin Xiao Feng
  • Lin Cosmos as Kai Te
  • Liu Ting as Xiang Ning
  • Chen Lucia as Yan Yan
  • Ji Allie as Al Li Er
  • Yang Sunnee as Ding Dang
  • Na Jack as Wang Ri Yin/Wang Ri Yue
  • Lo Wes as Gou Zhui
  • Huang Wayne as Wang Da Wei
  • Huan Niu as Hu Po
  • Qin Yang as Wang Ah Tian
  • Chen De Xiu as Wei Yi
  • Gong Andy as Ji An
  • Monkey as Yan Rui

Others: Edit

  • Lin Sam as Xiang Ming
  • Su Lyan as Xiao Yang
  • Tseng Pets as Jie Ke
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Wang You
  • Ba Yu as Zhang Mu Si
  • Ann Ariel as Xian Qing
  • Chen Bruce as Wu Yong

Episode ListEdit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
KO7.001 Mission No. 001 November 22, 2014 7.01
After a successful operation by the Bad Girls, Allie suggests a celebration. Kate, the leader, agrees. While waiting for Xiao Yang who went upstairs to take something, they hear her screaming and fall down the building. The accident of Xiao Yang reduces the moral of the group. While investigating her death, the Bad Girls meet Xiao Feng, who seems to be related to Xiao Yang.
KO7.002 Mission No. 002 November 23, 2014 7.02
After feeling her emotions, Xiong Ya invites Xiao Feng to join the group. While being attacked, the group is saved by the mysterious Jie Ke. Meanwhile, Charlie Wang, the young master of the Hei Tian Gang, transferred to Macaron College.
KO7.003 Mission No. 003 November 29, 2014 7.03
Xiong Ya sends an emergency message to the Bad Girls, informing them that Yan Yan is missing. While searching for Yan Yan in school, Xiao Feng meets Charlie, who is thinking about Xiao Yang. With the help of Charlie, Xiao Feng and the Bad Girls saved Yan Yan. Meanwhile, Jie Ke visits Xiong Ya to ask about Xiao Yang.
KO7.004 Mission No. 004 November 30, 2014 7.04
Jie Ke attempts to terminate her contact with Xiong Ya after finding out that her contract indirectly caused the death of Xiang Ming. The termination of the contract is slowly ending her life. Xiong Ya urges Jie Ke to form another contract with him again to save her, but Jie Ke refuses.
KO7.005 Mission No. 005 December 6, 2014 7.05
KO7.006 Mission No. 006 December 7, 2014 7.06
KO7.007 Mission No. 007 December 13, 2014 7.07
KO7.008 Mission No. 008 December 14, 2014 7.08
KO7.009 Mission No. 009 December 20, 2014 7.09
KO7.010 Mission No. 010 December 21, 2014 7.10
KO7.011 Mission No. 011 December 27, 2014 7.11
KO7.012 Mission No. 012 December 28, 2014 7.12
KO7.013 Mission No. 013 January 3, 2015 7.13
KO7.014 Mission No. 014 January 4, 2015 7.14
KO7.015 Mission No. 015 January 10, 2015 7.15
KO7.016 Mission No. 016 January 11, 2015 7.16
KO7.017 Mission No. 017 January 17, 2015 7.17
KO7.018 Mission No. 018 January 18, 2015 7.18
KO7.019 Mission No. 019 January 24, 2015 7.19
KO7.020 Mission No. 020 January 25, 2015 7.20
KO7.021 Mission No. 021 January 31, 2015 7.21
KO7.022 Mission No. 022 February 1, 2015 7.22
KO7.023 Mission No. 023 February 7, 2015 7.23
KO7.024 Mission No. 024 February 8, 2015 7.24
KO7.025 Mission No. 025 February 14, 2015 7.25
KO7.026 Mission No. 026 February 15, 2015 7.26