Black matter
Pronunciation: Hei She Wu Zhi

Profile Edit

Is an area within the dimension where captured power-users are converted into demons. This place is called to be be the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. It is located at North 67.3388 degrees and East 34.4499 degrees. Its current address is within the Iron Dimension is at Zhong Ji Elementary School.

How to Enter the World of Black Matter Edit

Nothing can enter this place without getting absorbed, except for an Ultimate Iron Man. Another way of entering Black Matter without getting absorbed is to gather up the original power-users with elemental powers, but because they don't actually fit with the qualities of an Ultimate Iron Man, there is a big probability that they won't make it back to the physical plane. Once entered, they must return before nightfall, where demonic energy will gather up and block the exit. Xia Tian, Lan Ling Wang, Xiu and Jiu Wu once entered Black Matter to save Bing Xin.

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