Chinese: 傳國璽
Chicken seal
Pronunciation: Chuan Gou Xi


The signature seal that represents the ruler of the Nationwide School Union. Whoever has it, becomes the next ruler. This is the Seal of the great Han, also known as "The Iron Chicken" (鐵公雞 / Tie Gong Ji).

Note: "鐵公雞" (Tie Gong Ji) is a phrase in Chinese Language to refer a person who is stingy or a cheapskate.


The seal takes the form of a rooster, made of silver (or possibly iron).


During the raging war against Dong Zhuo, Ye Si Ti sent his agents into the celestial court to steal the seal.

Sometime later, he used it to convert Jiang Dong High School into Dong Wu Academy and claimed the title as the ruling academy.

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