Danson Tang (Chinese: 唐禹哲; Pinyin: Táng Yǔzhé; born September 2, 1984) is the actor of Lei Ke Si from KO One and Xia Yu from The X-Family. He is a Taiwanese actor and singer, who started his career as a model before pursuing an acting career and later singing. He can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and reportedly English.

Because Danson played an important part in the Taiwanese series KO One, which featured the popular band Fahrenheit, he was easily mistaken to be one of the members, since the band was based upon four members and three of four members played the lead roles in KO One.

Profile Edit

  • Chinese Name: 唐禹哲 / Táng Yǔzhé
  • English name: Danson Tang
  • Birthdate: 1984-Sep-02
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Blood type: O


Television seriesEdit

  • Blazing Courage (火線任務) as Tang Yun Sheng (唐雲生)
  • Nine-Ball (撞球小子) as Ah Cao (阿草)
  • KO One (終極一班) as Lei Ke Si (雷克斯)
  • Lucky Brand Refrigerator (幸福牌電冰箱) as Bo Bo (波波)
  • Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花樣少年少女) as Liang Si Nan (梁思南) (based on Minami Nanba)
  • Summer x Summer (熱情仲夏) as Tian Guang Zhen (田光楨)
  • The X-Family (終極一家) as Xia Lan Xing De Yu (夏蘭荇德‧宇) / Gui Feng (鬼鳳)
  • They Kiss Again (惡作劇2吻) as Ouyang Gan (Gan Gan) (歐陽幹) (幹幹) (based on Miki)
  • Rolling Love (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯) as Leng Lie (冷冽)
  • Music Say Love (我用音樂說愛你) as Jiang Ming Hao (江明皓)


  • Murphy's law of love (莫非,這就是愛情) as Ji Jia-wei (紀家尉)


  • Armor Hero Emperor (鎧甲勇士之帝皇俠) as Zi Yang (子陽)


Studio albumsEdit

1st. 愛我 (lit. Love Me)
Released: August 17, 2007
Label: Avex Trax Taiwan
Language: Mandarin

2nd. D新引力 (D's New Attraction)
Released: January 16, 2009
Language: Mandarin

Soundtrack contributionsEdit

  • Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni / 最愛還是你 (Still Love You the Most) - The X-Family Ending theme

Rumored AppearanceEdit

In early 2009, Danson was rumored by certain fans to make an appearance in the second sequel of KO One: K.O.3an Guo, as a powerful character named Sima Yi (司馬懿). The rumor was later removed as there was no specification to the idea.

External linksEdit

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