Dao Ba Jie Sen
Dao Ba Jie Sen (x-family)
Chinese Name 刀疤傑森
Full Name N/A
Role Support character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities Locking the Dimensional portal
Weapons N/A
Status Petrified
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts Dao Ba Jie Sen (The Gold Dimension)
Li Shi Zhen (The Silver Dimension)
First Appearance Round 1, The X-Family
Portrayed by Huang Wan Bo (黃萬伯) (adult)
Lin Yi Cheng (林奕丞) (child)

Dao Ba Jie Sen (刀疤傑森) is a gangster leader with little courage and brain. At first, he appeared to be a "muggle", but afterward reveals himself as a lower-level "power-user" who plays an important role on the upcoming eclipse.


Early Episodes of The X-FamilyEdit

When he first appeared, he made Xia Tian owe him $700, and has tried to go after Xia Tian to get the money on several occasions, but failed every single time. First, he was stopped by Xia Mei; Second, he accidentally took off Xia Tian's Feng Long Patch and got defeated by Gui Long (this marks also Gui Long's first appearance). Finally, he met Xia Tian again on the street, but this time Xia Tian gave him all the money he had on him (though it wasn't enough) and walked away blissfully.

In a flashback, his younger version and his gang picked on Little Han and took her hairpin, but Little Xia Tian stopped them and rescued her (or rather she rescued him).

He once bumped into Xiu who was injured after battling Han. He tried to offer to take him to a hospital and give him money to buy medicine, but he refused.

Key ManEdit

After missing out in many episodes, Dao Ba Jie Sen shows up at the Xia family's household and reveals that he is Key Man, a man with the power to close the space-time portal. In order to protect him from evil, the family is forced to let him live in their house under the orders of Jiu Wu. When Xia Tian goes to the Gold Dimension to read a manga series that foretells their future, he finds out that Dao Ba Jie Sen will be sacrificed to lock the portal. Everyone then tries to protect him in every way they can, but in the end, he is still captured and used to lock the portal and becomes a head statue in the process.

Aliases Edit

  • "Cha Cha Lian" (叉叉脸 / X-Face).
  • "Cha Lao Da" (叉老大 / X-Boss) once by Xia Tian.
  • "Pao Mian Tou" (泡麵頭 / Instant Noodle Head) by Jiu Lai.

Specialty Edit

Powers Edit

As the Key Man, he holds the power to closing to space-time door, which evils will take advantage of to attack the Iron Dimension.

Dao Ba Jie Sen seems to have the ability to see things in the form of dreams, although the dreams may fit into his own style, such as being worshiped by his protectors.

Alternate Counterparts Edit

Dao Ba Jie Sen (KO One)

Dao Ba Jie Sen

The Gold Dimension Edit

He is the only person who shares the exact same aspects with his alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension; name and personality; and a scar that formulates an X on his face.

Li Shi Zhen

Li Shi Zhen

The Silver Dimension Edit

Dao Ba Jie Sen has another alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension named Li Shi Zhen.

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