Dark Scripture (暗黑真經)

Chinese: 暗黑真經
Pronunciation: An Hei Zhen Jing

An ancient script that contains the most powerful teachings of dark magic that can only be learned by the leader of the Nationwide School Union. It provides dark arts that allows people to walk in the world of demons safely as well as gain control over demons. Its magical arts can also provide contact between both worlds.

The scripture consists of nine methods to contact or control demons.

Only certified people may be able to learn its magic fully as it requires a fitting body to acquire its skills.

This script is guarded by the Pang family. The current guardian is Feng Chu.

Contents Edit

  • Wu Gui Ban Yun Jue (暗黑真經) - Opens a worm hole and release five lower-level demons to capture people at high speed.
  • Ba Mo Chu Shan Jue (八魔出山訣) - Summons upper-level demons in battle.
  • Shi E Bu She Jue (十惡不赦訣) - Summons strong demons into battle, possess people with demons and replicate the user.
  • Zhen Cha Jing (針叉勁) - Prodives healing energy and power advancement, but also develops dark powers and internal injury that shortens the individual's lifespan.
  • Hao Cha Jing (好叉勁) - Seemingly neutralizes the side effects of Zhen Cha Jing on the outside, but internally shortens the user's lifespan to one year. This power increases the user's evil and competitive instincts.
  • Qian Dao Wan Gua Jue (千刀萬剮訣) - Summons two powerful muscular demons into action.
  • Qun Mo Luan Wu Jue (群魔亂舞訣) - Summons six powerful demons (or demonic power-users) into action.


Dong Zhuo and Ye Si Ti learned most of the scripture's contents prior to the beginning of K.O.3an Guo.

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