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Pronunciation: Mo


Evil beings that exist in the realm of darkness. They increase their numbers of membership and power levels by invading other worlds and turning people into demonic power-users. The ruler of the demonic world is Lord Diablo (狄阿怖玀魔尊).

On several occasions, they have attempted to dominate the universe using their powers and the power-users they corrupt. According to Xiu from the weakest to strongest are Gu Hun (Lost souls / 孤魂), Chi Mei (魑魅), Wang Liang (魍魉), Yan Kui (魘魁) and Mo Jun (Demonic Lord / 魔尊). Demons are more stronger in their natural element like Mie

Prior to KO One Edit

Prior to the beginning of the series, they had already invaded most of the worlds and taken them under their control.

KO One Edit

Demons were never featured in KO One, due to its lack of necessity in the story. However, they had used Wang Ya Se's weapon and Hei Long's demonized powers as vessels to dominate the Gold Dimension, but failed to do so by the compacting explosion that was triggered by a dark vs light battle, which rendered all participants powerless afterwards. The Gold Dimension is the first world that they failed to dominate.

The X-Family Edit

In The X-Family, the demons set the Iron Dimension as their last goal to universe domination. They are unable to invade the world due to the protection of a powerful force field surrounding that dimension, and so only demonic power-users and demons within that world are able to walk its earth freely. On the Extreme Day of Yin, also known as sun eclipse, they used a man named Dao Ba Jie Sen as a key to sever the connection between the dimensions and attempted to invade the Iron Dimension. But due to the block of the weakened force field, they were unable to bring much force inside. In the end, the birth of an Ultimate Iron Man brought an end to their plan and saved the universe from their clutches.

K.O.3an Guo Edit

In K.O.3an Guo, the villainous Dong Zhuo used magical techniques to summon lower-level demons to the Silver Dimension to abduct people. As his powers grew, he was able to summon even more powerful demons to fight against the Five Tiger Generals. It was later stated by Xia Liu and the members of Dong Cheng Wei that the demons began to lay their eyes on the Silver Dimension since a gap between the order of the worlds was created seventeen years ago.


  1. Demon King (魔王 / Mo Wang)
  2. Yan Kui (魘魁)
  3. Wang Liang (魍魉)
  4. Chi Mei (魑魅)
  5. Lost Souls (孤魂 / Gu Hun)

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