Chinese: 離之咒 CRUMBLE → 使萬物歸於原始狀態
Departing Curse
Pronunciation: Lí zhī zhòu CRUMBLE → shǐ wànwù guīyú yuánshǐ zhuàngtài

This spell disrupts the Returning Curse and takes away the energy from the person who cast the Returning Curse. This spell can only be cast on a specific day at a specific time. It is this spell that restored Lan Ling Wang's powers as well as making Xia Yu come into his own.


Gu La Po - Wulabaha


Lan Ling Wang used this on Round 47 of The X-Family to lift the Seven Stars Curse from his body. This curse disrupted the Returning Curse that was cast by The Master and ultimately led him to his death.

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