Ding Xiao Yu and Huang An Qi are
Xiao yu 10-2
one of the main couples in KO One. Xiao Yu began to show signs that he was in love with An Qi in Episode 9, right after Da Dong and An Qi became a couple. Because of he respected Da Dong and Da Dong is also his best friend, Xiao Yu kept his feelings for An Qi to himself. However, he remained close to her. When Da Dong started to neglect An Qi because his issues with Form Teacher, Xiao Yu and An Qi became even closer. An Qi realized that Xiao Yu liked her and did not reject him. After Da Dong and An Qi broke up, An Qi and Xiao Yu spent more time together but they remained close friends. Their short and complicated relationship finally ended when An Qi decided to go back to US because she could not decide between Xiao Yu and Da Dong. Even though, they did have special moments together, Xiao Yu realized that An Qi's heart belongs to Da Dong and decided to let her go.

The StoryEdit

An Qi and Xiao Yu were good friends from the start, mainly because An Qi and Da Dong were childhood friends. Xiao Yu began to show that he was in love in Episode 9, just after Da Dong and An Qi became a couple. This was quite awkward because Da Dong actually confessed his love to An Qi because of Xiao Yu's encouragement. For the few episodes after that, nobody knew to whom Xiao Yu was in love with. After Ya Se noticed Xiao Yu's odd reaction regarding Da Dong's behavior towards Tian Xin, Ya Se realized that Xiao Yu was in love with An Qi.

Xiao Yu remained close with An Qi, even though she was Da Dong's girlfriend. He became Da Dong's substitute every time Da Dong neglected her. As time passed, An Qi soon realized that Xiao Yu liked her. It was perhaps because she found comforts in him that she did not reject him, even though at that time she was still Da Dong's girlfriend.

After Da Dong and An Qi broke up, Da Dong said to Xiao Yu that An Qi was his. After this, An Qi and Xiao Yu spent more time together, however they tried to keep their distance towards Da Dong because they were afraid to face him. When Xiao Yu, Da Dong, and Ya Se became threatened with the appearance of Hei Long, Wu Shi, and the Martial Arts Syndicate, Xiao Yu and Da Dong reconciled to face them. They became so involved in this matter that An Qi began to feel neglected. In episode 14, An Qi decided to return to US because she could not decide between Xiao Yu and Da Dong. An Qi said that both Da Dong and him were very special in her heart and that she would never forget him. In episode 15, Xiao Yu realized that An Qi's heart would always belong to Da Dong and decided to let her go.

Xiao Yu and An Qi's MomentsEdit

Episode 9Edit

  • KO 9
    Xiao Yu began to show symptoms of being in love and tried to hide it. Duan Chang Ren realized that he was in love but Ya Se did not believe him. After he got back from Duan Chang Ren's stall, Xiao Yu played the piano while thinking of the person he was in love with. It turned out that person was An Qi.
  • At school, Ya Se tried to convince Xiao Yu to tell him his crush but Xiao Yu refused and kept it to himself. Before they could finish their conversation about love, Dao Ba Jie Sen attacked them but Ya Se was able to catch him. Ya Se said that people like them, that were in the KO Rank, were safer if they did not get in love. Xiao Yu said that when love came, nobody could resist it and then he left.
  • Xiao Yu agreed to help Da Dong compose a song for An Qi.
  • After Da Dong neglected An Qi on their date, An Qi went to the park and met Xiao Yu there. Xiao Yu was carrying a big bag. An Qi suspected that inside it there was a gift for his girlfriend, but Xiao Yu said that was his luggage. He said that he had just been kicked out of his aunt's house because he was too noisy to play the piano. An Qi apologized for joking around with him before and asked about his parents. Xiao Yu said that he was an orphan.

Episode 10Edit

  • An Qi asked Xiao Yu about his parents and Xiao Yu revealed that he was an orphan. An Qi apologized because she did not know. Xiao Yu said that nobody knew about this. Suddenly Xiao Yu said that he heard the sound of the piano. An Qi said that no one was playing the piano. Xiao Yu told An Qi to close her eyes and then he started playing the piano in midair.
  • An Qi looked at him and Xiao Yu said that the music she heard with her heart and her ears were different; the music she heard with her heart was created through the mutual interaction between her soul and heart. An Qi said that her piano skill was only at beginner's level, but Xiao Yu said that was not matter and asked her to use her heart to listen. An Qi then closed her eyes and listen to the music with her heart. She said that she was able to hear the song. It was a solo piano piece. Xiao Yu said that was the song he wrote himself but it was not finished yet. An Qi said that she really liked it and it sounded very gentle. Before Xiao Yu was finished, Da Dong came. Xiao Yu then left the two of them.
  • [[Episode 10|
    Xiao yu 10-2
    ]]At school, Da Dong started mumbling about the Form Teacher and left An Qi alone in the hallway. Xiao Yu came to her and went back to class with her.
  • Later that night, Da Dong did not came on his date with An Qi to see the concert. An Qi did not want to waste the tickets she had, so she decided to go with the first person she saw when she opened her eyes. After she counted to three, she opened her eyes and she saw Xiao Yu.
    Xiao yu 10-3
  • The next day, after school Da Dong left An Qi to go fight another school. Xiao Yu did not go with his other classmates. An Qi said that it was great that he did not go. Xiao Yu said that he was supposed to go too. After that they did not say anything to each other and went home together.
  • Later that day, Xiao Yu and An Qi talked. An Qi asked how did he became KO 4 if he did not like to fight. Xiao Yu said that was related to his father, then Xiao Yu told her about his painful past about his father and his family. An Qi said sorry after she heard his story, but Xiao Yu said that it was okay. Xiao Yu said that since then, he would not let anyone hit his head but he also learn to play the piano in his heart. An Qi started to tear up after he told her his story. She would never expected that Xiao Yu, who rarely talks, would have such sad experience. She said that he was different from their other classmates because most of them had a happy family but they were insensitive.
  • Xiao Yu then said about the song he told her about a few days earlier. He said he had already finished the song and asked her to listen to it using her heart. He also said that she could use her hands to feel with him. Then they started to play the piano in midair and listen to the song.
  • After they finished, An Qi told him that the song was really beautiful. Xiao Yu said the song called "The Song of MC" because he composed it to remember the day of An Qi's first MC five years ago. An Qi was happy and embarrassed when she heard this. An Qi thought that this song was Da Dong's surprise for her and she was very happy to know that Da Dong remembered this. Not long after, Da Dong came and Xiao Yu immediately left.
  • The next day at school, Ya Se began to notice something different with Xiao Yu and Da Dong. Ya Se said that both Xiao Yu and Da Dong had put their hearts somewhere they should not have. Ya Se then explained that Da Dong might have feelings for Tian Xin. After he heard this, Xiao Yu became agitated and raised his battle index in front of Ya Se. Then he said that he would go look for Da Dong and asked him about this matter. After Xiao Yu left, Ya Se realized that Xiao Yu was in love with An Qi.
  • On Da Dong's way home, Xiao Yu stopped him. Xiao Yu looked angry. Da Dong thought that he was going to fight someone. Then Xiao Yu asked him whether he would have an affair or not. Da Dong misunderstood what he said and did a split in front of him. (Note: The word used for 'affair', Pi Tui (劈腿), literally translates to 'split legs'). Xiao Yu suddenly raised his battle points and showed his left fist.

Episode 11Edit

  • Xiao Yu told Da Dong not to hurt An Qi because of Form Teacher and then left. This made Da Dong confused because he did not know the relation between An Qi and Form Teacher.
    Xiao yu 11
  • After Da Dong ran off after hearing Shao Zhong's explanation about his past, An Qi and Xiao Yu went to the riverside and talked. An Qi thought that Da Dong would come there because it was hers, Da Dong's, and Lei Ke Si's secret place when they were kids. An Qi started to talk about Da Dong and started to cry. An Qi then apologized because Xiao Yu had to listen to her. She said that she would be fine by herself. She asked Xiao Yu to tell her a cold joke or do something that could help her clear her mind.
  • Xiao Yu then gave
    Xiao yu, an qi 11
    her his phone number and asked her to call him. An Qi called him. His ringtone was the song he composed for An Qi. When An Qi heard this, she actually smiled. He picked up the phone and asked her not to cry anymore. He said that if she ever felt bad or uncomfortable, she could call him and he would show up immediately. He said that she was the only person who had his number and she could contact him anytime, but he hoped that she would not be sad anymore. An Qi thanked him for this and then they smiled at each other.

Episode 12Edit

  • Xiao Yu accompanied An Qi to go shop for Da Dong's birthday present. Then they went to the ferris wheel. An Qi was going to leave but Xiao Yu told her that she said she wanted to ride on the ferris wheel. An Qi said that she intended to do so and then they left to ride the ferris wheel. After that they watched the fire works display together. While they were watching the fire works display, An Qi started to cry. Xiao Yu held her shoulder and gave her his handkerchief to wipe her tears. They played together until the next morning. That morning, An Qi said that day was Da Dong's birthday and everything they had done together were her plans with Da Dong to celebrate his birthday.
  • An Qi did not come to class and called Xiao Yu. Everybody was surprised, not just because the fact that Xiao Yu had a cellphone, but also the fact that An Qi decided to call Xiao Yu rather than Da Dong. After class, Da Dong asked Xiao Yu to give him his number but Xiao Yu refused. Ya Se noticed that Xiao Yu's phone number was only for An Qi.
  • Later that day, An Qi and Da Dong talked. An Qi reminded him about his birthday and their plans. An Qi said that she had already celebrated his birthday with Xiao Yu. Da Dong then asked An Qi why would Xiao Yu only gave his number to An Qi. An Qi said that was probably because he liked her. Da Dong then asked her what she did after she knew that Xiao Yu liked her. An Qi said that she did not reject him and this made Da Dong very shocked.
  • The next day, Da Dong confronted Xiao Yu. Da Dong told Xiao Yu what An Qi said to him the night before. Xaio Yu said that Da Dong should not suspect the words of the person he loved. Then he said that Da Dong was one of the few friends he cared for, but he fell in love with the person he loved. He knew that this was very painful for Da Dong, so he would not say anything. He said that he was willing to make sacrifices and Da Dong could do whatever he wanted on him. Da Dong raised his battle level and get close to him. He wanted to make sure that Xiao Yu really liked An Qi. Xiao Yu said yes. Da Dong then lower his battle points and told Xiao Yu that An Qi was his.
  • When Xiao Yu saw An Qi and Da Dong drenched in the man-made rain, he immediately walked towards them and were drenched in the rain together. Not long after, the Form Teacher came and joined them. When Da Dong walked away with Form Teacher, Xiao Yu and An Qi stayed behind.
  • After they were drenched in the rain, An Qi went to Xiao Yu's tend. They ate noodles together and talked about what happened on the afternoon. Xiao Yu said that he never thought of replacing Da Dong, so An Qi could told him to stop anytime. An Qi said that she did not know how to decide. She said that her feelings for Da Dong would never change. Xiao Yu said that his feelings for her was like Da Dong secretly memorizing 500 letters. He did not need An Qi to reply his feelings. Before An Qi and Xiao Yu could finish their conversation, Xiao Yu suddenly felt someone with unmeasurable battle index and high desire to kill, so he was on guard.
  • The next day, Da Dong and Xiao Yu talked about Ya Se who was going to drop out of school. Xiao Yu said that he did something others did not expected so he was trying to hide himself from others, especially from people he trusted. Da Dong said that Xiao Yu and An Qi were also like that. Xiao Yu said that he liked An Qi and An Qi did not refused. This made them afraid to face Da Dong. They both decided not to think about this matter and focused more on finding Ya Se.

Episode 13Edit

  • When Da Dong and Xiao Yu met An Qi in the hallway, all three of them became awkward towards each other.
  • In class, when Da Dong suddenly felt someone powerful and stayed on guard, he told Xiao Yu to take An Qi away from there if something happened. Xiao Yu told Da Dong to take her instead and let him stay in class.
  • Wu Shi Zun (Tian Hong Guang) broke Xiao Yu's arm and he was hospitalized. An Qi, along with Form Teacher. immediately went to the hospital to see Xiao Yu's condition. An Qi was very worried about Xiao Yu's condition.
  • Xiao yu 13
    After Xiao Yu got out of the hospital, Da Dong and An Qi accompanied him near his tent. Da Dong asked him to come live with him, but Xiao Yu refused. An Qi then asked him to go live with Da Dong because she was worried of him. Da Dong said that Xiao Yu would not agree, but then Xiao Yu suddenly said that he would live with Da Dong. This made An Qi very happy but also made Da Dong a bit shocked and confused because Xiao Yu usually never listened to what others said to him.
  • In the restaurant, form teacher asked Da Dong, An Qi, and Xiao Yu to tell her their love stories. After they heard this they became quiet and very awkward. Da Dong told Xiao Yu to talk about his love life, but just before he was about to start, An Qi told Ya Se to talk. After Ya Se finished telling his story, he said that Xiao Yu and Da Dong were more familiar with love than himself. When they heard this, Xiao Yu, Da Dong, and An Qi became awkward.
  • Da Dong then left with Ya Se. Before he left, he asked Form Teacher to talk with Xiao Yu and An Qi because Da Dong and Xiao Yu were love rival. After this both Xiao Yu and An Qi became quiet. Form Teacher said that she should not talk about love so much because when love happened nobody could prevented it.

Episode 14Edit

  • After Da Dong got attack with Su Huan Needle, Da Dong asked Xiao Yu about An Qi. Xiao Yu said that for the past few days they were all busy dealing with Da Dong's matter. Da Dong told Xiao Yu to spend more time with her.
    Xiao yu 14-1
  • On their way back from Da Dong's place, Ya Se and Xiao Yu met An Qi. Ya Se was on guard because he was afraid that she was not the real An Qi, but Wu Shi An. Xiao Yu believed that was the real An Qi. Ya Se then left the two of them alone. Xiao Yu told An Qi about Da Dong's condition. An Qi said that she was there not because she wanted to see Da Dong.
  • An Qi
    Xiao yu 14-2
    said that she wanted to deliver some letters, one was for Da Dong and one was for him. The letter for Xiao Yu was in the pink envelope. An Qi knew that during the past few days, Xiao Yu, Da Dong, Ya Se, and Form Teacher were all experiencing complicated things; and these things were not something she could get involve in. Even though, she knew that they were always protecting her, but she always felt like an outsider. When An Qi started to talk about this, she started to cry.
  • Xiao yu 14-3
    Xiao Yu then apologized because they had been neglecting her lately. An Qi told Xiao Yu that the next day she would go back to America. She believed that after she left, Da Dong would recover very quickly and continued to memorize the letters she wrote to him. She also believed that Xiao Yu would also quickly healed from his injury and kept playing the piano. Then she said that she would never forget him and Da Dong. She decided to leave at that time before she regretted in the future because she did not want to make a choice between him and Da Dong. She believed that her leaving was the best decision for the three of them. Then she asked him to give her letter to Da Dong and told him to take care of Da Dong and himself. She said good bye and then left.
  • After that, Xiao Yu called Ya Se and told him everything that just happened. Ya Se told Xiao Yu to go to the airport the next day. Xiao Yu said that An Qi loved Da Dong and that he was not important. Ya Se said that An Qi's departure might be good for the three of them and told him to let her go.
  • On her way to the airport, An Qi started to cry while she was remembering her days with Da Dong and Xiao Yu. She could only thanked him for being with her these past few days.

Episode 15Edit

  • Xiao yu 15
    Xiao Yu wrote a letter back to An Qi. This was his first and last letter, he would ever wrote to her.
An Qi, this is my first time writing a letter to you. It will also be the last time.
I want to say, I was happy in the days that I was with you. Although this made you become confused between Da Dong and I; but I don't regret it at all.
I want you to understand that you were the same as me. Both of us know loving someone can be reckless and doesn't need an explanation. Same as you love Da Dong, Da Dong loves you.
And I will be fine, because these days with you are already enough. And you... I think you're the same.

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