Jingzhou building

Dong Wu Academy (東吳書院)

Chinese: 東吳書院
Pronunciation: Dong Wu Shu Yuan

Dong Wu Academy is a noble school in the Silver Dimension, initially titled "Jiang Dong High School" (江東高校). It was founded by Sun Jian: the father of Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang.

They tend to cooperate with the Yuan and Xiao families to expand landmarks for the Nationwide School Union. The principal's daughter, Sun Shang Xiang, went to study at Dong Han Academy after she saved Cao Cao and Guan Yu from a death sentence, under her father's request to study their political power.

Da Qiao once transferred to Dong Han to investigate Sun Ce's disappearing case. After her investigation was complete, she stayed behind at Dong Han Academy for safety, requested by Sun Ce. In the 35th Round, Sun Quan visits Dong Han Academy to take Ah Xiang and Da Qiao back to Jiang Dong.

It would seem that the members of Jiang Dong High School manifest powers that are associated with the element of fire.

Co-Operation with Dong Han Academy Edit

In the 40th Round, students of Dong Han Academy, the former institution that possessed most power, were forced to transfer into one of Jiang Dong's buildings to continue their education after their school was victed.

Dominant Power Edit

During the war against the tyrannical Dong Zhuo, Sun Jian sent his soldiers to acclaim the School Union's national seal. In the 44th Round, Sun Jian officially converts Jiang Dong High School into Dong Wu Academy, replacing Dong Han Academy in the place of power and Sun Quan becomes the new principal under his father's request.


Faculty Edit

Students Edit

Champion (強辯)Edit

Jiang Dong has a music band, which is also the chief combat group of Jiang Dong Army. Zhou Yu, the leader of the group, is also vice-president of the student council.


  • Jiang Dong High School have no classes on Fridays, a tradition that was permitted by the Nationwide School Union. This tradition is to tell everyone that Jiang Dong has thoughts of its own. (40th Round)

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