Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation (八門金鎖陣)

Chinese: 八門金鎖陣
Pronunciation: Ba Men Jin Suo Zhen

The Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation is a powerful void created by the legendary Zuo Ci. It has the power to create a force field around a specific area and prevents people from entering, formed by eight wooden doors that leads to its own dimension.

8 doors
To break it, one must enter its dimension and face the trials up ahead. Inside that world are eight doors for the challenger to enter, consisted of the following:
  • Xiu Men (休門 / Door of Rest)
  • Sheng Men (生門 / Door of Life)
  • Shang Men (傷門 / Door of Injury)
  • Tu Men (杜門 / Door of Fabrication)
  • Jing Men (景門 / Door of Scenery)
  • Si Men (死門 / Door of Death)
  • Jing Men (驚門 / Door of Fright)
  • Kai Men (開門 / Open Door)

Each door has a special challenge behind. The doors are connected with each other in their own dimension.

Should the challenge become too much to solve, the challenger can use violence as a last resort, but the time of trial will then be reduced to five minutes. Should the challenger fail the solve the puzzle without those minutes, he will be lost in the dimension forever. It is the strongest magical disposition in the Silver Dimension.


Dong Zhuo used this magical formation in the first episodes of K.O.3an Guo to trouble Dong Han Academy.

Cao Cao used his resources to gather information about the formation and gave useful clues and information to the Five Tiger Generals before they went inside to face the challenges. It was finally broken by the end of the day.

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