Feng Long Patch (封龍貼)

Chinese: 封龍貼
English-translation:Dragon-sealing patch
Pronunciation: Feng Long Tie

Dragon-sealing patch(封龍貼) is a magical item requested by XIa lai xing de liu[夏蘭荇德.流] of the Xia Lan Xing De family to contain the uncontrollable magical abilities of the children. It was created by the Weapon Management Office upon Ah gong's request.

By covering the magical birthmark of the power-user with this patch, his/her powers become suppressed, making them no difference from a muggle. By removing the patch ,it would awaken the imprisoned spirit transforming the person.However,weak-power users like Xia mei can take off the patch by half, allowing her to use half of her full power without losing control of herself.But if the power-user gets stronger or due certain reasons the spirit in them receives enough demonic power the patch will not be able to contain them.

According to Xiu, these patches are used for disabling power-users with very special yet unstable abilities to prevent them from losing control and turning evil.

Though the power-user's powers are sealed, they can still access them when they join with others to cast joint spells.


Xia Tian and Xia Mei have had these patches since they were young. Xia Tian removed his patch after he became strong enough to control his power. Xia Yu had this patch for a short period of time, but he stop wearing it after his family found out that they need another magic item to contain his power completely before he can control it.

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