Fire Ant Girl
Fire Ant Girl
Chinese Name 火蟻女 (Huo Yi Nu)
Role Minor character, villain-turned-ally
Gender Female(?)
Species Demon
Aura N/A
Abilities Teleportation & spellcasting
Special abilities Billion Ants Attack the Heart
Weapons Ants
Status Deceased
Home World Demonic World
Alternate counterpart(s) Liang Zhi (The Gold Dimension)
First Appearance Round 32, The X-Family
Portrayed by Wang Qian Cheng (王巧埩)

The Fire Ant Girl (火蟻女) was a demonic assassin sent by the Master to kill Lan Ling Wang. She was often in the appearance of an innocent high school girl to seduce boys and attack them when their guards are down.

According to Ye Si Ren, the Fire Ant Girl was a being mixed with spirits and fairies, and was therefore a very formidable weapon.

Since she wasn't human, she could only speak ant language, though she understands human language. To maintain her health, she needs to eat sweets.

She got caught by Xia Liu and his friends while executing her mission and ended up in the care of the Xia family. Because Xia Liu saved her from the Master, she declared him as her new master and stayed in the house as she was told.

She was later killed by Zack who was sent by the Master to assassinate her for her failure.


Because she was a being of ants, Xia Liu, Xia Mei and Xia Xiong preferred to call her "Ma Yi" (螞蟻 / Ant).

Love lifeEdit

  • Xia Yu - During her capture, her beauty somehow attracted Xia Yu's attention and made him show a caring side that he rarely showed to other people. Because Xia Yu was the one who cared for her the most, they almost looked like lovers. Xia Yu was also the only person who could understand her language because he inherited his evil genes from his father and so became her interpreter.


Powers Edit

The Fire Ant Girl manifested a specialized army of various kinds of ants. One of the kinds had the ability to make the bitten individual fall under her control with a single bite, no matter how powerful the victim. She could also control another kind of ants that could make the bitten individual to act on sexual instincts.

Her strongest attack was "Wan Yi Gong Xin" (萬蟻攻心 / Billion Ants Attack the Heart), the ability to seduce the victim to make him defenseless and then command her ants to eat away at him until there was nothing but bones left.

She had also displayed the ability to teleport.

Alternate CounterpartEdit

The Gold Dimension Edit

Her alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension was Liang Zhi (兩指 / Two Fingers), who joined the Ultimate Class halfway throughout KO One.

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