The Ghostly Fireball (鬼靈焰火球)

Chinese: 鬼靈焰火球
Pronunciation: Gui Ling Yan Huo Qiu

An energy weapon in the form of a fireball reclaimed from the world of darkness and took 1000 hours to create. It has the ability to drain the powers of its victims before killing them, and temporarily amplify its user's strength by swallowing it. Very few people possess this ability. It's known as one of the most valuable weapons of the dark forces. According to the show it is made from boiling magma from a ten-thousand year old volcano for 365 days over a small fire plus 5000 two hourly exposures to wind, sun, rain and lightning and the absorbtion of the essence of evil.


Those who have managed to protect themselves from getting killed or having their powers drained are Xia Xiong who carried Wu Feng (烏風) as protection from the fireball; and a Chord when he tries to attack with Gui Zhan Tuning Fork (鬼戰音叉) the same time as the fireball explodes and manages to save himself.Lan Ling Wang also got away alive but it took his powers The only person who's ever held this weapon was Zack.

The creator of this weapon is the first ancestor of the Ye He Na La family - Ye He Na La Teng (葉赫那拉 腾).

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