Gongsun Zan
Gongsun zan
Chinese Name 公孫瓚
Courtesy Name Gongsun Bogui
Role Minor character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities N/A
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World The Silver Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance 31st Round
Portrayed by Derrick Chang (張朝閔)

Gongsun Zan (公孫瓚), courtesy Gongsun Bogui (公孫伯珪), is the personal guardian of the current ruler of the Silver Dimension and personal messenger for the queen.

He is general to the army in You Zhou (幽州).


Gongsun Zan is based on a native of Liaoxi (遼西), he was a warlord with fierce reputation during the late Eastern Han Dynasty era of China.[1]


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