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Gu Zhan
Chinese Name 辜戰
KO No.3 (9000-15233) (KO One Re-Member after receiving the Face Full of Tears Light Stick 1111)
Role Main Character
Gender Male
Species Power-User
Aura Blue
Abilities Agility

Enhanced perception

Special abilities Unknown
Weapons Pig-Dog Inferiority Power Pole
Status Alive
Dimension The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterparts Huang Zhong (Silver Dimension)

Gou Zhui (Bronze Dimension)

Hu Yan Cang Qiong (Iron Dimension)

First Appearance Episode 1, KO One Re-act
Portrayed by Luo Hong Zheng, Wes


Pig-dog Inferiority Power Pole

Love LifeEdit

Qiu Qiu, they meet in episode 4 of KO One Re-act, when her purse had been stolen up against a group of men he appears and saves her. They both care about making money, so work together in the libray. Qui Qui had a crush on Zhong Wan Jun, when she confessed her feelings and was then rejected, Gu Zhan spended more time with her and make her forget about being rejected.

Roles Edit

KO One Re-act Edit

Transferred from Banana High school to the Ultimate Class, Gu Zhan was know as the 'Underground Trio' along with Zhi Ge and Li Yan Yan. At first he tried to steal the title of "King" from Lei Ting but later with the help of Wand Da Dong, he was gradually accepted as a strong and powerful student of the Zhong ji yi ban. He developed feelings for Qiu Qiu and helped her overcome the grief that she was facing because of Zhong Wan Jun.

KO One Remember Edit


Gu Zhan and Qiu Qiu on Mother Gu's grave.

After Lei Ting and Wang Da Dong left for the Iron Dimension, he became Zhong ji yi ban's spiritual leader. He proved himself as a responsible leader and reduced the chaos caused by the other schools. He helped Qiu Qiu facing blood cancer and GuQiu became a canon.He saved Lei Ting from Du Gu Liang's base and destroyed it. In the end he reunited everyone in the Zhongji yi ban but lost his own father.

KO One Re-call Edit

Together with Zhi Ge and Qiu Qiu, in order to help Lei Ting go to the Iron Dimension, they confronted a huge army of zombies in the Dimensional Seams. To enhance all the fighting power to support Zhi Ge and Lei Ting , he used Face Full of Tears Light Stick 1111.

Gu zhan

But due to the traction in his little finger, onto which he wore the Finger cuff given to him by Qiu Qiu, prevented him from using his attack and pulled him back towards the Gold Dimension. During the crossing of Dimension, his legs were severely injured and he lost this lower part in the Dimensional seams. In the Gold Dimension, he realized his wounds are difficult to heal and was opted on a wheelchair. He decided to break up with Qiu Qiu.

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

The Silver DimensionEdit

Gu Zhan has an alternate counterpart in The Silver Dimension as Huang Zhong, being the fifth member of Wu Hu Jiang.

The Bronze Dimension Edit

Gu Zhan has an alternate counterpart in The Bronze Dimension as Gou Zhui.

The Iron DimensionEdit

Another alternate counterpart is Hu Yan Jue Luo Cāng Qiong (呼延覺羅‧蒼穹) ; Hu Yan Cang Qiong in the Iron Dimension appeared in The X-Dormitory.

Trivia Edit

  • Gu Zhan is afraid of needles.[1]
  • His name is taken as pun for 'Lonely boy"

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