Huang Mei Tian
Huang Mei Tian
Chinese Name 黃梅天
Courtesy Name N/A
Role Support character
Gender Female
Species Power-user
Aura Gold
Abilities Martial arts skills & inhuman strength
Special abilities Ge Shan Da Niu
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World The Silver Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance 21st Round, K.O.3an Guo
Portrayed by Yang Li Yin (楊麗音)

Huang Mei Tian (黃梅天), also known as Huang Mama (黃媽媽), is Huang Zhong's birth mother, who first appears in the 21st Round. She was a general of Huang Jin High School, sent as a spy by the Nationwide School Union.


Huang Mama was placed in prison when Huang Zhong was three years old. In all her life, she had always regretted for not bringing her son a normal upbringing.

Huang Zhong was brought to an orphanage by his aunt later, and they lost contact with each other since then.

New Life Edit

Fifteen years later, she was released from jail. She began to search for Huang Zhong while joining Huang Jin High School as one of their leading generals. Eventually, she reunited with her son at a hospital.

She tried to maintain a close relationship with her son, but they were spotted eating dinner by the reporters of Dong Han News and so were forced to keep in touch from a distance in order to prevent complications.

Huang Zhong tries to persuade her to leave Huang Jin High School, but she is determined to leave only when she retires.

Battle her own son Edit

In the 30th Round, Huang Zhong and his fellow teammates are ordered by Dong Zhuo to battle Huang Mei Tian and her army of Huang Jin High School. Though the battle erupted, the Five Tiger Generals refused to fight her as they know she is Huang Zhong's mother. When Li Ru and Lu Bu arrive with their army, they become arrested by orders of Dong Zhuo for disobeying the orders of the Nationwide School Union's leader, which were faked by Dong Zhuo. She, along with her son and his friends, become sentenced to death.

True Identity Edit

When she is about to become executed, the private messenger for the Nationwide School Union's leader and exposes her identity as their internal spy. After her identity was revealed, she was promoted to "
Honourable Deputy" and was bertowed "Shang Fang Bao Chong".

That same night, Mother Huang has heart-to-heart with her son before she departed to the imperial court.


Mama Huang is so powerful she can break an immobilizing acupressure. Her energy manifestation and martial arts skills are not to be underestimated.

In the 31st Round, she recieved Shang Fang Bao Chong from the Union Leader at that time, Liu Bian.

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