Jiang Gan
Jiang Gan
Chinese Name 蔣幹
Courtesy Name Jiang Ziyi
Role Main character/support character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura N/A
Abilities Martial arts skills
Special abilities Dazzling Wind Chop & Stinking Beauty Fist
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World The Silver Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) Jin Bao San (The Gold Dimension)
Ren Chen Wen (The Iron Dimension)
First Appearance 1st Round, K.O.3an Guo
Portrayed by Zhang Hao Ming

Jiang Gan (蔣幹), courtesy Jiang Ziyi (蔣子翼) is Dong Han Academy's class president of the freshmen class and student body vice-president. He likes to bully younger and inferior students, just like his other counterparts.

He tends to act loyal to Cao Cao. When Dong Zhuo took over Dong Han Academy, he joined the security guards under Cao Cao's orders to spy on Dong Zhuo.

His character is removed from the 2nd season, but he has appeared in two episodes. He was held responsible for making name cards for the warrior selection activity, in which Dong Zhuo bought his service to help him cheat during the selection by frosting some wanted name cards. After his plot was caught, Cao Cao asked him to testify against Dong Zhuo to put everything straight again. He reluctantly agreed. Later that night, Dong Zhuo sends people to kidnap him, which they succeed.

Currently, his whereabouts remain unknown.


Everyone in class addresses him as "Gan" (幹), especially after someone mentions his full name, since his surname is taken as a pun on the word 講, meaning to speak.


Jiang Gan specializes an attack called “Dazzling Wind Chop” (炫風斬) to call up harmless whirlwinds. He uses it mainly to lift up girls’ skirts, which elicits virulent criticism.

He also specializes a funny technique called "Stinking Beauty Fist" (臭美拳), which indicates whoever gets hit by him becomes "beautiful", but at the same time emanates a stench that repels people.

Alternate counterpartsEdit

Jin Bao San

Jin Bao San

The Gold DimensionEdit

Jiang Gan's alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension is Jin Bao San, who acts as follower to Wang Da Dong and class president of the Ultimate Class.

Ren Chen Wen

Ren Chen Wen

The Iron DimensionEdit

Jiang Gan's alternate counterpart in the Iron Dimension is Ren Chen Wen, who acts as follower to Xia Tian, who is also Wang Da Dong's alternate counterpart.


Jiang Gan, styled Ziyi(子翼) was a civilian official who served the Kingdom of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period.

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Jiang Gan was a former schoolmate of Zhou Yu, the famous military commander of the Eastern Wu. Later, Jiang Gan served Cao Cao as a minor civilian official.[1]


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