Jing Lei
Chinese: 驚雷
Pinyin: Jing Lei

Han's weapons in the form of duel drumsticks.

Special PropertiesEdit

According to her family history, every generation has always transferred their souls into their weapons, making them powerful and spiritual. It is their strongest point, and their weakest point. If the weapons are destroyed or sent to a place where it cannot return, the body will collapse and die if the weapon is not returned within two hours.

Aside from fighting, Han also uses the drumsticks for drumming or music practicing. Her relationship with Jing Lei is similar to Wang Ya Se and his weapon.

Appendices Edit

屬於韓寒的武器 如果驚雷消失了主人也會跟著變虛弱,他跟驚雷的靈魂是緊密在一起,所以『棒在人在,棒亡人亡』。

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