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K.O.3an Guo (終極三國)

K.O.3an Guo (終極三國, pronounced: Zhōng jí sān guó) is the threequel to KO One and The X-Family. This series is aired around the year of 2009 and 2010. In december, 2012, a midquel known as KO One Return was aired.

This series is a spoof of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Profile Edit

  • Title: 終極三國 / Zhōng Jí Sān Guó
  • English title: K.O.3an Guo
  • Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
  • Broadcast period: (Season 1) February 27, 2009 - June 12, 2009; (Season 2) June 19, 2009 - October 02, 2009; (Season 3) October 09, 2009 - February 26, 2010
  • Air time: 22:00-23:30
  • Genre: Wuxia, school, fantasy, drama
  • Seasons: 3
  • Episodes: 53
  • Opening theme: Dui Shou (對手) by Champion (強辯) / Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛) (1-36); Yi Zhan Zhi Zhan (以戰止戰) by Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛) (37-53)
  • Ending theme: Gou Ai (夠愛) by Pets Ceng (曾沛慈) (1-13); Lei Le (淚了) by Pets Ceng (曾沛慈) (14-42); Yu Zhou Wu Di Chao Ren Xing Nan Peng You (宇宙無敵超韌性男朋友) by Wu Hu Jiang (43-53)
  • Soundtrack: K.O.3an Guo OST
  • Preceeded by: The X-Family
  • Followed by: KO One Return
  • Website: GTV Official website

Main CastEdit

Image Actor Character Courtesy Name Seasons
Guan Yu2-03 George Hu(胡宇崴) Guan Yu(關羽) Guan Yunchang(關雲長) 1, 2 and 3
Xiu Liu Bei2-03 Shu Chen(陳德修)

Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu (呼延覺儸‧脩)
Liu Bei(劉備)

Liu Xuande(劉玄德) 1, 2 and 3
Zhang Fei2-03 Bo Yan(博炎) Zhang Fei(張飛) Zhang Yide(張翼德) 1, 2 and 3
Zhao Yun2-03 Benji(班傑) Zhao Yun(趙雲) Zhao Zilong(趙子龍) 1, 2 and 3
Ma Chao2-03 Shao Xiang(邵翔) Ma Chao(馬超) Ma Mengqi(馬孟起) 1, 2 and 3
Huang Zhong2-03 Si Wei Hong Zheng(寺唯宏正) Huang Zhong(黃忠) Huang Hansheng(黃漢升) 1, 2 and 3
Sun Shang Xiang2-03 Pets Ceng(曾沛慈) Sun Shang Xiang(孫尚香) None 1 (guest star)
2 and 3
Cao Cao2-03 Nylon Chen(陳乃榮) Cao Cao(曹操) Cao Mengde(曹孟德) 1, 2 and 3
Xiao Qiao2-03 Wu Xiong(五熊) Xiao Qiao(小喬) Qiao Qian(喬倩) 1, 2 and 3
Da Qiao2-03 Cai Zhi Yun(蔡芷紜) Da Qiao(大喬) Qiao Wei(喬瑋) 2 (guest star)
Sun Quan2-03 Xiu Jie Kai(修杰楷) Sun Quan(孫權) Sun Zhongmou(孫仲謀) 3
Zhuge Liang2-03 Alan Kuo(柯有綸) Zhuge Liang(諸葛亮) Zhuge Kongming(諸葛孔明) 3
Zhou Yu2-03 Yellow Cow(黄牛) Zhou Yu(周瑜) Zhou Gongjin(周公瑾) 1 and 2 (guest star)
Lu Meng2-03 Monkey(小猴) Lu Meng(呂蒙) Lu Ziming(呂子明) 1 and 2 (guest star)
Gan Ning2-03 Cola Gan Ning(甘寧) Gan Xingba(甘興霸) 1 and 2 (guest star)
Diao Chan2-03 Kirsten Ren(任容萱) Diao Chan(貂蟬) None 1, 2 and 3

Former main castEdit

Image Actor Character Courtesy Name Seasons
Jiang Gan Zhang Hao Ming(張皓明) Jiang Gan(蔣幹) Jiang Ziyi(蔣子翼) 1
Lu Bu2-03 Kun Da(坤達) Lu Bu(呂布) Lu Fengxian(呂奉先) 1, 2 and 3
Yuan Shao2-03 Jerry Huang(黃志瑋) Yuan Shao(袁绍) Yuan Benchu(袁本初) 2 (guest star)

Production Credits Edit

  • Producers: Chen Dong Han 陳東漢 / Chen Hui Ying 陳慧瑛 / Huang Wan Bo 黃萬伯
  • Director: Ke Qin Zheng 柯欽政 / Chen Dong Han 陳東漢 / Wu Jian Xin 吳建新
  • Screenwriter: Sun Fa Jun 孫法鈞 / Lan Jin Xiang 藍今翔 / Liu Shi Yuan 呂蒔媛 / Shao Hui Ting 邵慧婷 / Xu Pei Qi 許佩琪 / Li Jie Yu 李婕瑀 / Yu Yuan Yuan 禹元元 / Wang Xiu Xian 汪秀賢

Season 1Edit


The war of the universe is finally over; good has prevailed and the order of the worlds has been restored. However, that doesn't mean the worlds are at peace.

A new story is about to unfold in the Silver Dimension.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have been best friends since childhood, and together, they attended 23 schools that always expelled them for starting fights. On their first day at their 24th school, they get kicked out again and encounter Liu Bei, who proposes that they could become sworn brothers to enroll the world famous Dong Han Academy, a school exclusively for royalty. With Liu Bei being the one with royal blood and the boys' guardian and Zhang Fei paying their tuition, they are sure to enroll the school without problem.

But when Wang Da Dong, Wang Ya Se, Ding Xiao Yu and Xiu travel to the Silver Dimension for relaxation, Da Dong drops a penny that eventually causes a human-sized rock to fall down on Liu Bei at the exact moment the three boys swear their vows. As a person who honors his promises, Guan Yu attempts to commit suicide because their vows include them all dying on the same day, but Zhang Fei stops him. When they realize that Xiu and Liu Bei look exactly alike (because they are each other's alternate counterparts), Xiu is forced to temporarily impersonate Liu Bei until he recovers.

Though they enroll the school without a hitch, problems won't stop coming as they must survive the school's traps and hostile invasions from many warring schools. Together, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei encounter Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong, with whom they eventually become dubbed as the "Five Tiger Generals": the protectors of Dong Han Academy.

Episode List of Season 1Edit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Ko3anguo01 1st Round February 27 / February 28, 2009 3.01
Guan Yu and Zhang Fei meet Liu Bei upon arriving at their 24th school just as a group from another school attempts to invade them. Guan Yu manages to chase them away, however, that school refuses to let them in. Wanting to use Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's strengths to his advantage, Liu Bei suggests to enroll Dong Han Academy by becoming sworn brothers with them. In the meantime, Wang Da Dong, Wang Ya Se, and Ding Xiao Yu from the Gold Dimension go on a cross-dimensional vacation with Xiu from the Iron Dimension. In an unexpected turn of events, Liu Bei gets injured by Da Dong and Xiu is forced to impersonate him for the time being.
Wu Hu Jiang 2nd Round March 6 / March 7, 2009 3.02
He Dong Institute come to Dong Han Academy and blocks everyone the Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation. While trying to break it, XiuLiu Bei and Xiao Qiao get trapped. In order to rescue them and save the school from He Dong Institute's hands, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei seek out other warriors in hopes to make use of their strengths. Their search leads to Ma Chao and Huang Zhong. With the strengths of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong, they walk into the world of illusion to face the different challenges.
Ko3anguo03 3rd Round March 13 / March 14, 2009 3.03
The Five Tiger Generals have conquered the Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation, but during the final trial, Guan Yu's arm gets shot by a poisonous arrow. When the poison begins to inhabit Guan Yu's arm, Xiu/Liu Bei and the others search for the "famous doctor"; the only person who can treat his arm. But upon arriving, the doctor hears that one of them is Ma Chao and immediately refuses to treat Guan Yu's arm. Ma Chao finds out that the Famous Doctor is actually the mother of his dead friend. The other boys help him find the courage to face his past. Though Famous Doctor and Ma Chao solve their issue, she still refuses to heal Guan Yu and the responsibility is passed on to her apprentice, Hua Tuo. Dong Cheng Wei pays Xiu/Liu Bei a visit.
Ko3anguo04 4th Round March 20 / March 21, 2009 3.04
Diao Chan has been kidnapped. The Five Tiger Generals must combine their strengths to rescue her within three days. Feeling that he should try and help out, Xiu/Liu Bei asks his team to find out where Diao Chan is held captive. They manage to find the location, but before the Tiger Generals arrive, a mysterious man named Lu Bu beats them to the punch.
Ko3anguo05 5th Round March 27 / March 28, 2009 3.05
Lu Bu decides to run for student body president against Cao Cao and challenges Guan Yu for Diao Chan's heart. Zhang Fei suspects Lu Bu may be up to some suspicious plots (and out of anger for he has stolen Diao Chan's heart from Guan Yu) and challenges him with Ma Chao and Huang Zhong, only to end up getting beaten. Meanwhile, Guan Yu decides to reveal his feelings to Diao Chan, but he finds it difficult when he faces her.
Ko3anguo06 6th Round April 3 / April 4, 2009 3.06
Lu Bu loses to Cao Cao in the student body president election. Huang Jin High School challenges Dong Han Academy in a hockey match, but use evil tricks to win the game, injuring the Five Tiger Generals. Just as the school is overrun by Huang Jin High School's students, He Dong Institute arrives and forces Huang Jin High School to flee for their lives. At the same time, Principal Wang gets attacked by Dong Zhuo, the principal of He Dong Institute, who takes the place of principal for Dong Han Academy.
Koanguo07 7th Round April 10 / April 11, 2009 3.07
Principal Wang is in a coma, and Dong Zhuo has taken over the school. To add their stress, Zhao Yun falls into Dong Zhuo's trap, and the Five Tiger Generals, including Xiu/Liu Bei, go in to rescue him. However, they are overrun by enemies. The situation forces Xiu to use his powers in front of his friends, which almost reveals his true identity in the process. Thankfully, Zhang Fei helps him cover it.
Ko3anguo08 8th Round April 17 / April 18, 2009 3.08
Zhao Yun has lost all of his martial arts skills during the attack at Feng Min Temple, so everyone works hard to help him reclaim them. Xiu/Liu Bei tries to help Zhao Yun with his musical skills, but it proves unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Dong Zhuo reveals Lu Bu's true identity to the world, thus comes as a shock to Diao Chan. At the same time, love seems to blossom between Zhao Yun and Xiao Qiao, and Cao Cao gets jealous whenever he sees them.
Ko3anguo09 9th Round April 24 / April 25, 2009 3.09
Lu Bu secretly helps Cao Cao steal the remote that would unlock Zhao Yun's powers. After that, he disappears from town hoping that his father would leave Diao Chan alone. With Zhao Yun's strength restored, the Five Tiger Generals, and Xiu/Liu Bei and Cao Cao concoct a plan to kidnap principal Dong Zhuo. Meanwhile, Xiu/Liu Bei receives a copy of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" from the Iron Dimension. Guan Yu and Diao Chan's relationship grows stronger with Lu Bu's absence.
Ko3anguo10 10th Round May 1 / May 2, 2009 3.10
The mission is a failure. Dong Zhuo grabbed Cao Cao's shoe before he fainted, and uses it to find the owner. Cao Cao and Guan Yu elope to Cao Cao's uncle, only to fall into Dong Zhuo's trap later. With the entire school union against them, they have nowhere to hide. Sun Shang Xiang appears for the first time and offers to help them fix the problem, but she states that she can only save one person.
Ko3anguo11 11th Round May 8 / May 9, 2009 3.11
With some large help from Sun Shang Xiang, Guan Yu and Cao Cao are both spared from a death sentence. Dong Zhuo swaps souls with a dog after he attempted to attack Zhang Bao but got interrupted by the dog. Lu Bu returns. Sun Shang Xiang, shortened "Ah Xiang", transfers to Dong Han Academy, and Xiu/Liu Bei looks pleased. Meanwhile, Cao Cao begins to reveal a darker side of himself as he takes on the responsibilities of a principal now that Dong Zhuo is a dog and Wang Yun is in coma.
Ko3anguo12 12th Round May 15 / May 16, 2009 3.12
Li Ru overhears Xiao Qiao, Zhao Yun and Cao Cao's conversation about Dong Zhuo's condition. He rescues Dong Zhuo from the animal hospital and sneaks into Cao Cao's house to find a book that contains information on how to return the souls of two swapped creatures. During one of their experiments, Dong Zhuo and the dog disappear without a trace after they are pushed off a cliff. Eventually, things begin to disappear one after another. As the matter worsens, everyone in the school disappears in a blink of an eye after their names are shown on a wall, a TV screen or a blank paper. The Five Tiger Generals, Cao CaoXiu/Liu Bei, Xiao Qiao, Diao Chan and Ah Xiang become the soul survivors, and they must work together to prevent themselves from disappearing. Meanwhile, Xiu and Guan Yu notice a change in Cao Cao's personality.
Ko3anguo13 13th Round May 22 / May 23, 2009 3.13
Cao Cao, Diao Chan, Xiao Qiao, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun have disappeared. Now it's up to Guan Yu, XiuLiu Bei, Zhang Fei and Sun Shang Xiang to free them. In the end, they can only negotiate with Dong Zhuo, who is the culprit behind all the disappearances and promise to help him take the place of Meng Zhu when the time is right in order to free everyone. Zhou Yu, student body vice-president of Jiang Dong High School, appears under the order to take Sun Shang Xiang home.
Ko3anguo14 14th Round May 29 / May 30, 2009 3.14
Sun Shang Xiang has been taken back to her home. It reveals she is trying to avoid a marriage that she unintentionally accepted when she was young. Xiu/Liu Bei becomes so heartbroken that he eventually suffers from heart attacks whenever someone mentions the word "xiang". Everyone encourages Xiu/Liu Bei to chase Ah Xiang back. Meanwhile, Sun Ce; the alternate counterpart of Da Dong and Xia Tian appears. Cao Cao has a new hair cut.
Ko3anguo15 15th Round June 5 / June 6, 2009 3.15
Xiu/Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and Xiao Qiao infiltrate Jiang Dong High School's mark in search of Ah Xiang. Zhou Yu and Sun Ce concoct a plan to save Ah Xiang from her unwanted marriage without becoming enemies with the Yuan family. Dong Zhuo plots to break the bond between Guan Yu and the others by making him the midterm grand secretary.
Ko3anguo16 16th Round June 5 / June 6, 2009 3.16
Dong Zhuo orders Lu Bu to kill Principal Wang, but before he gets a chance to, Ah Xiang and the others move him to safety. With instructions from Lu Bu, Guan Yu learns Zhen Cha Jing to heal Principal Wang. Eventually, he finally awakes from his coma. After finding out what had happened, Principal Wang asks Cao Cao and Hua Tuo to invent a potion to change Diao Chan's personality. Under the influence of the potion, Diao Chan and Guan Yu become a couple.
This is the end of the first season.

Season 2Edit

The Five Tiger Generals' bond gets tested when Guan Yu is forced to honor his agreement with Dong Zhuo while his powers are subdued by evil. Xiu's real identity falls on several threads when problems arise. Huang Zhong reunites with his mother but were forced to separate because she is a member of the Huang Jin High School. Guan Yu and Lu Bu become demonized when they both learn Hao Cha Jing to neutralize the effects of Zhen Cha Jing. Lu Bu takes the path of evil and stands in opposition with Dong Zhuo and the Five Tiger Generals. Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao resolve their misunderstandings and finally reconcile. The love relationship between Xiu and Sun Shang Xiang gets tested when the real Liu Bei returns. [1]

Episode List of Season 2Edit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Ko3anguo17 17th Round June 19 / June 20, 2009 3.17

Guan Yu and Diao Chan become a couple. Cao Cao's relationship with the Five Tiger Generals begins to change after Zhang Fei overhears him talking to Xun Yu about them being useless. Cao Cao also begins to doubt his own friends after hearing rumors about Xiu/Liu Bei wanting to take his place of student body president and finding out that Guan Yu is picked by Dong Zhuo to be the midterm grand secretary. Meanwhile, Diao Chan is expelled from school after she is falsely accused of stealing the grand secretary's writing brush.

Ko3anguo18 18th Round June 26 / June 27, 2009 3.18
To exonerate Diao Chan's name, Ah Xiang arranges a lie-detecting activity to catch the culprit, who turns out to be Xun Yu. Meanwhile, Guan Yu drinks a memory-loss potion and forgets his promise to Dong Zhuo and Diao Chan. In order for him to remember everything again, his friends and enemies plot to restore his memories by making him urinate. Everyone works hard for midterm. In the end, only Zhang Fei and Xiao Qiao fail.
Ko3anguo19 19th Round July 3 / July 4, 2009 3.19
Dong Zhuo turns the world against Principal Wang. Principal Wang suggests the Five Tiger Generals find proof in the principal's office in order to turn the authorities to their favor, but Dong Zhuo is already expecting them and a huge battle erupts. They are at disadvantage until Xiu/Liu Bei uses his powers to fend him off. The Five Tiger Generals and Xiu/Liu Bei's lives are put at risk when Dong Zhuo arranges an activity to select twelve warriors to fight against the armies of Nan Xiong Nu High School and Bai Po Huang Jin High School who have invaded He Dong Institute during his absence. Meanwhile, Lu Bu and Guan Yu suffer from internal injuries of Zhen Cha Jing.
Koanguo20 20th Round July 10 / July 11, 2009 3.20
Zhao Yun and Xiu/Liu Bei, along with ten other students of Dong Han Academy, become selected as soldiers to fight against Nan Xiong Nu High School and Bai Po Huang Jin High School. Despite knowing that Dong Zhuo cheated when he picked the notes, they can do nothing but obey. The Five Tiger Generals , Cao Cao, Ah Xiang, Diao Chan, Xiu/Liu Bei and Xiao Qiao enjoy their last days together before Zhao Yun and Xiu/Liu Bei set off to war. Once the army reaches destination, they fall into Dong Zhuo's trap and they are left to fend for themselves. Amidst the battle, Xiu/Liu Bei discovers something special about Zhao Yun.
Ko3anguo21 21st Round July 17 / July 18, 2009 3.21
Dong Zhuo lays a trap for Xiu/Liu Bei and his team on their way to He Dong Institute in order to annihilate them. But then, Zhou Yu, Cao Cao and the Five Tiger Generals arrive to expand their power. Eventually, they all return home safely. Meanwhile, after many years of separation, Huang Zhong finally reunites with his mother, but also hears a shocking truth from her: she is a member of Huang Jin High School.
Gan Zhao Lie 22nd Round July 24 / July 25, 2009 3.22
Huang Zhong meets more troubles with his mother when reporters of Dong Han News spot them eating dinner. Meanwhile, a handicapped girl from Liu Bei's past mysteriously appears. When Xiu/Liu Bei looks into the Three Kingdoms novel, he finds out that the girl is historically Liu Bei's first wife. How will he face the new trouble that will most likely ruin his relationship with Ah Xiang?
Ko3anguo23 23rd Round July 31 / August 1, 2009 3.23
Gan Zhao Lie gets kidnapped by an unknown force. When the Five Tiger Generals go to save her, they find their powers minimized and their simans unable to download weapons. Thankfully, Jiu Wu indirectly assists them against their fiends. To add more trouble, Guan Yu begins to demonize and the Silver Dimension rubs out of balance by Xiu/Liu Bei's influence. Meanwhile, Diao Chan suddenly has a large red mark on her face as side effect caused by Bian Hen Da. When Lu Bu finds out about the true cause of Diao Chan's change of personality, he decides to take her back to his heart.
Ko3anguo24 24th Round August 7 / August 8, 2009 3.24
Diao Chan suffers a fatal side effect from Bian Hen Da. Lu Bu uses Zhen Cha Jing to heal Diao Chan and hopes to make her his again, but when she turns him down, his demonzation begins as he leaves the path of good and attempts to steal Diao Chan from Guan Yu. Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao's older sister Da Qiao appears and her arrival comes with bad intentions.
Ko3anguo25 25th Round August 14 / August 15, 2009 3.25
Xiao Qiao's older sister, Da Qiao transfers to Dong Han Academy to spy on Guan Yu while searching for Sun Ce, who went missing three days ago. Meanwhile, Ah Xiang notices a strange behavior from Xiu/Liu Bei when he is around Da Qiao. Dong Zhuo's alternate counterpart, Xia Liu, takes a trip to the Silver Dimension requested by Jiu Wu to assist Xiu/Liu Bei.
Ko3anguo26 26th Round August 21 / August 22, 2009 3.26
Dong Zhuo tricks Diao Chan to convince Guan Yu to continue practicing Zhen Cha Jing, which worsens his internal injuries. Ah Xiang pulls a trick of her own to make Dong Zhuo tell her the cure to Guan Yu's wounds. Though the method works, it turns out to be another one of Dong Zhuo's tricks to worsen his condition. Meanwhile, Da Qiao tries to make a confession to Xiu/Liu Bei, which troubles everyone. Lu Bu finally discovers his father's true nature.
Ko3anguo27 27th Round August 28 / August 29, 2009 3.27
Diao Chan is in trouble: Dong Zhuo accuses her of breaking the most valuable coin there ever existed and forces her to pay for the damage. Lu Bu becomes more aggressive. Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao resolve their problems. Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun are becoming incredibly close, which further pushes Cao Cao to find the courage to confess his feelings to her.
Ko3anguo28 28th Round September 4 / September 5, 2009 3.28
Something about Xiao Qiao's past is bothering her. Cao Cao tries to find the opportunity to confess his feelings to her, but when he realizes how painful she is about love, he decides to let go. Ah Xiang is forced by her father to fulfill her marriage agreement to Yuan Shao. Meanwhile, the real Liu Bei returns to the Silver Dimension, taking off where his plans left off.
Ko3anguo29 29th Round September 11 / September 12, 2009 3.29
Liu Bei has returned to the Silver Dimension, which ends Xiu's impersonation. Xiu shares a tearful goodbye with his sworn brothers and Ah Xiang. Meanwhile, the real Liu Bei plots to joins forces with Lu Bu to destroy both Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao. However, his scam causes an unexpected twist for Xiu.
Ko3anguo30 30th Round September 18 / September 19, 2009 3.30
When Dong Zhuo sends the Five Tiger Generals to fight against an army of Huang Jin High School soldiers, Huang Zhong is forced to erupt a battle with his own mother. Lu Bu is on standby, waiting for the opportunity to kill everything in sight. In hopes to save the Five Tiger Generals from execution, the remainder of the team concocts a plan to rescue them. Ah Xiang makes a bad suggestion that may ultimately destroy Diao Chan and Guan Yu's relationship.
Ko3anguo31 31st Round September 25 / September 26, 2009 3.31
Yuan Shao arrives just as a battle between the Five Tiger Generals and Dong Zhuo ensues. Yuan Shao flies into rage when he meets Xiu/Liu Bei, the man who stole his bride. Meanwhile, Lu Bu convinces Guan Yu to join forces with him in dethroning Dong Zhuo. In fear of becoming evil, Guan Yu makes an attempt to strip away his powers ,but Xiu/Liu Bei stops him before he could do so.
Ko3anguo32 32nd Round October 2 / October 3, 2009 3.32

Guan Yu tells his friends and loved ones about his shortened lifespan. Wang Yun decides to return to his rightful place as headmaster of Dong Han Academy, but when they arrive, Dong Zhuo takes control over Lu Bu and Guan Yu, ordering them to attack Principal Wang and his protectors. Xiu/Liu Bei is torn between saving Guan Yu from the path of evil and stripping away his powers forever.

This is the finale of season two.

Season 3Edit

Principal Wang is finally back to Dong Han Academy, only to get killed by Dong Zhuo later. Xiu/Liu Bei's identity is at greater risk than ever. The Silver Dimension's timeline gradually catches up to the Three Kingdoms' history.[2] Dong Zhuo claims control of the imperial court and wreaks havoc everywhere, prompting everyone to war against him. With the assistance of Zuo Ci, the Five Tiger Generals finally defeat Dong Zhuo and reclaim the Nationwide School Union from his hands.

However, he turns out to be a regular person and eventually, Yuan Shao is able to claim Dong Han Academy's landmark into his own. With four of five Tiger Generals gone and everyone forced to retreat to Jiang Dong, Cao Cao's power is weaker than ever.

With Dong Zhuo gone, a new age begins, and new problems. Yuan Shao takes the landmark of Dong Han Academy in his own hands, forcing the Five Tiger Generals, Xiu/Liu Bei and Cao Cao to find the one man who can save it: Zhuge Liang - the famous strategist. With old enemies gone and new characters come into the picture, a new battle will begin.

Episode List of Season 3Edit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Ko3anguo33 33rd Round October 9 / October 10, 2009 3.33
Xiu/Liu Bei draws power from the Soul Calming Melody to restore Guan Yu's powers. During the experiment, the melody somehow provokes the evil essences in Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo and draws everyone into battle. Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and Ah Xiang work hard to protect them from being interrupted, but Guan Yu disrupts the experiment himself to protect his friends. The next day, Guan Yu begins to age rapidly as side effect from interrupting the experiment. Xiu/Liu Bei combines as many forces as he can to try the experiment one last time, which leads to a bloodbathing battle.
Ko3anguo34-2 34th Round October 16 / October 17, 2009 3.34
Dong Zhuo has placed a bomb on the principal's chair. When Xiu/Liu Bei tries to remove it with a spell, he accidentally reveals his capability of magic to Ah Xiang. It was later found out that the bomb was a fake, and the real bomb is placed somewhere else. Guan Yu and the others find it in time to absorb its power before it could destroy the school. The postfix "wulabaha" becomes a known vulgar word amongst people. Meanwhile, Yuan Shao arrives at Dong Han Academy and uses his new political power to take Ah Xiang back into his arms
Ko3anguo35 35th Round October 23 / October 24, 2009 3.35
Yuan Shao and Guan Yu erupt in a contest for Ah Xiang after she was kidnapped by Xiu/Liu Bei's "old friend". Meanwhile, the historic emperor of Eastern Wu, Sun Quan, makes an appearance. And his intentions are not good. The three future kings arrange a meeting for the first time.
Ko3anguo-36 36th Round October 30 / October 31, 2009 3.36
Dong Zhuo attacks the school union from the inside and dethrones Liu Bian; his actions turn the Silver Dimension into a disastrous world. After Dong Zhuo took over Liu Bian, he fires away the Cao Family. When he plans to attack the others, Lu Bu stops him to take over the throne. Having become more and more evil by the dark powers seeping inside him, Lu Bu tries to kill Dong Zhuo, only to fail. Meanwhile, Zuo Ci appears for the first time.
Ko3anguo37 37th Round November 6 / November 7, 2009 3.37

The news of Wang Yun's death devastates Diao Chan. Yuan Shao runs the seventeen school armies against Dong Zhuo. After an epic battle, the Five Tiger Generals, Cao Cao and Xiu/Liu Bei finally defeat Dong Zhuo once and for all. When Dong Zhuo tries to retrieve his powers, Diao Chan runs into the middle and pushes him off into the ocean along with herself.

Ko3anguo 38 38th Round November 13 / November 14, 2009 3.38

All schools are finally returning to normal after Dong Zhuo's reign was deteriorated. However, Yuan Shao takes the landmark of Dong Han Academy to himself while prompting to bend all other schools to his will. In order to win it back, they enlist the help of Zhuge Liang, the man who's known for his incredible wisdom. Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao is having problems of her own, now that she has three guys to choose. When Ma Chao receives a message from his father, he departs to Liang Zhou to lead his army, accompanied by Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong.

Ko3anguo39 39th Round November 20 / November 21, 2009 3.39

After a long time of begging, Zhuge Liang finally agress to help them save Dong Han Academy. Guan Yu recovers memories of Diao Chan and sadly cries over the hill before departing to Liu Cheng. Zhou Yu concocts a plan to snatch Xiu/Liu Bei from Cao Cao's team by luring him to Jiang Dong. Meanwhile, Sun Jian, the Sun family's head, and alternate counterpart of Ye Si Ren, Duan Chang Ren and Hei Long, makes an appearance. When Xiu/Liu Bei goes to meet Dong Cheng Wei, Zhuge Liang comes into the middle and overhears their conversation.

Ko3anguo40 40th Round November 27 / November 28, 2009 3.40
Sun Quan and Zhou Yu plan to make Xiu/Liu Bei stay in Jiang Dong. Dong Han Academy is officially banned by Yuan Shao's politics. Xiao Qiao is forced to return to Zhou Yu's arms.
Ko3anguo41 41st Round December 4 / December 5, 2009 3.41
All Dong Han students have moved into Jiang Dong High School's building to continue their education, but nothing remains the same now that they are using other people's places. The students and faculty of Jiang Dong continuously give the students of Dong Han a hard time. Xiu/Liu Bei and Cao Cao's relationship is seriously strained when Cao Cao finds out that Xiu/Liu Bei is in command of a secret army that was given to him by Liu Bian a while ago. Meanwhile, Zhou Yu faces jealousy when he catches Xiao Qiao and Cao Cao together.
Ko3anguo42 42nd Round December 11 / December 12, 2009 3.42
Zhuge Liang, forced to come up with ideas to solve their pressing problems, uses ideas from the graffiti to figure things out. How will the event turn out? Sun Quan figures them out and tracks them down before they could escape. Zhou Yu protects Xiao Qiao with his life. How will Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu solve their love-triangle? Meanwhile, the culprit who sent a secret agent to attack Sun Quan is caught... it's Da Qiao.
Ko3anguo43 43rd Round December 18 / December 19, 2009 3.43

Cao Cao and Sun Quan have one day to save Da Qiao from death sentence.

Yuan Shao attempts to make Sun Jian, who is plotting to create a new school, to honour his wedding plans with Ah Xiang.

Cao Cao loses his eyesight after he was attacked by an unknown enemy. The same enemy who has been causing trouble around the students of Dong Han Academy since before they came to Jiang Dong. Whoever could the culprit be? Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu undergo another big change in their relationship after a series of bad events.

Ko3anguo44 44th Round December 25 / December 26, 2009 3.44
Someone is setting traps for Sun Quan and Da Qiao, causing Da Qiao to lose her hearing in an explosion and Sun Quan to lose his sight. While Sun Quan is blinded, Da Qiao makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, the person who provides information to Zhuge Liang in the toilet turns out to be Huang Yue Ying, Zhuge Liang's future wife.
Ko3anguo45 45th Round January 1 / January 2, 2010 3.45
Sun Quan

 has given Cao Cao an army in request to fight against Yuan Shao. Having been driven to the edge too many times, Cao Cao decides to accept the offer. Xiao Qiao agrees to think well of where she stands with Cao Cao before hs departure, only to make a new discovery about Zhou Yu at the same time. Meanwhile, someone is transferring to Dong Han Academy.

Ko3anguo46 46th Round January 8 / January 9, 2010 3.46
Cao Cao returns to Jiang Dong after a victorious battle against Yuan Shao, and reclaims Dong Han Academy into his hands. Xiu/Liu Bei and Ah Xiang return to meet up with their friends, but not before Ah Xiang shares a difficult goodbye with her father and brother. However, her father has other plans for them.
Ko3anguo47 47th Round January 15 / January 17, 2010 3.47
Xiu/Liu Bei must deal with the idea of being with Ah Xiang permanently or give up their relationship to maintain the world order. Enburdened by Ah Xiang's pain about his secrecy, he tells Ah Xiang his true identity. Meanwhile, Sun Ce returns home after a victorious war, only to meet his doom on his way home.
Ko3anguo48 48th Round January 22 / January 23, 2010 3.48

Everyone prepares to return to Dong Han Academy and help Cao Cao defend their school. Ah Xiang, however, decides to stay behind to support her family after she learns of her brother, Sun Quan's deafness.

When the students of Dong Han become thwarted by Sun Quan's hinder, Guan Yu suddenly appears out of nowhere to help.

Ko3anguo49 49th Round January 29 / January 30, 2010 3.49

Xiu/Liu Bei meets Cao Cao to talk peace on Jiang Dong's behalf, but the conversation takes a disastrous turn. Cao Cao now turns against everyone he held close to for his goal to claim power. Meanwhile, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong return from Liangzhou and join the others at Jiang Dong.

Ko3anguo50 50th Round February 5 / February 6, 2010 3.50

Something is wrong with Xiu/Liu Bei; he has lied about Cao Cao and led everyone to a major misunderstanding, and his behavior is beyond normal. What could he be up to?

Meanwhile, Ah Xiang discovers a shocking secret about her family. Xia Liu and Ye Si Ren make an appearance together in this episode.

Ko3anguo51 51st Round February 12 / February 13, 2010 3.51

A fight erupts between Sun Quan and Guan Yu when Sun Quan attempts to take back Jingzhou Building, after Xiu/Liu Bei rebels against their order to return it. By following his brother's decision, Guan Yu "dies" from the battle. In the mean time, a grief stricken Zhang Fei gets attacked by Jiang Dong's soldiers.

Ko3anguo52 52nd Round February 19 / February 20, 2010 3.52

An unknown disease has been spreading around the Silver Dimension. Ah Xiang finds out that the Liu Bei she has been facing is the real one and sets out to find Xiu, but she gets captured by her now demonic father. Meanwhile, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong find out about Xiu's true identity. Sun Quan declares enmity and ends his bond with Sun Jian after finding out a devastating truth.

Ko3anguo53 53rd Round February 26 / February 27, 2010 3.53

The epic battle of the Silver Dimension begins. This time, it will be harder than all previous battles combined.

Dong Cheng Wei, Champion, Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao, Sun Quan and the Five Tiger Generals must give more of their collective powers to stop Ye Si Ti from dominating the Silver and Iron Dimensions. But the battle turns more disastrous when Ah Xiang emerges as their enemy under her father's control.

This is the final episode of K.O.3an Guo.



K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) preview


  • This series finished shooting on January 21, 2010. According to the newsreporter, it had been shooting for at least "one year and four months".

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