K.O. One Re-member (终极一班4) is the fourth installment of the KO One series set in the gold dimension and the eighth installment of the KO series. Continues the story of K.O. One React.

Three students from Xiao Ping Guo (Little Apple) High school–Zhi, Liu Chen, and Tai Yang–join the Ultimate Class. Are they friends or enemies? King Lei Ting suddenly goes missing; but, how did she disappear? The Ultimate Class no longer has it's leader. So Gu Zhan, and Zhi Ge; despite their brotherhood, fight one another. Who is the new leader of the Ultimate Class?

Profile Edit

  • Native Title: 终极一班4 / Zhōng Jí Yī Bān 4
  • English Title: K.O. One Remember
  • Broadcast Network: GTV
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Episode(s): 60
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Genre: Action, comedy, fantasy, friendship
  • Opening theme: Boyz on Fire by SpeXial
  • Ending theme: 我不是你該愛的那個 by Pets Tseng
  • Preceded by: K.O. One Re-act

Main Cast Edit

Ultimate Class:

Little Apple International High School:

  • Zhao Zhi Wei as Zhi
  • He Hai Dong as Liu Chen
  • Jian Rui Ze as Tai Yang

Pitaya High School:

  • Liu Jun Wei as Long Xuan Wu
  • Guo Xuan Qi as Zuo Hu Fa
  • Lin Yu Xian as You Hu Fa


  • Chen De Xiu as Xiu
  • Na Jack as Duan Chang Ren/Hei Long
  • Jiro Wang as Wang Da Dong

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