Kirsten Ren


  1. Name: 任容萱 / Ren Rong Xuan
  2. English name: Kirsten
  3. Also known as: Kimi Ren
  4. Profession: Actress
  5. Birthdate: 1988-Nov-22
  6. Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  7. Height: 172cm
  8. Weight: 52kg
  9. Star sign: Scorpio
  10. Blood type: O
  11. Family: Older sister Selina Ren
  12. Talent agency: Bada Entertainment


Kirsten Ren, Ren Rong Xuan, is the little sister of Selina from S.H.E.

She started her acting career in K.O.3an Guo, playing Diao Chan.

She also sang "Ai Zai Yi Qi" with Danson Tang in his first Album "Ai Wo", which was released in 2007.

Music VideosEdit

  • Summer Wind- Yuan Wei Awakening
  • Healed- Z-Chen
  • 無情兄- 黃乙玲
  • 酒歌- 黃乙玲
  • 感情線- 黃乙玲
  • Destined Love- Jarvis Wu
  • After You Leave- Jarvis Wu
  • Small Wish- Champion ft. Kimi
  • If I Become a Memory- Tank

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