Chinese Name
Full Name 吉吉如律.令
Role Supporting character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura Unknown
Abilities Spellcasting

Super-speed Telepathic Communication

Special abilities Beyond Light-speed
Weapons Unnamed Épée
Status Alive
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts None
First Appearance Class 13, KO One Return
Portrayed by Hwang In Deok
Ling is the leader of the 3rd Division Iron Imperial Army, "Xi Cheng Wei". Similar to Dong Cheng Wei, they serve Iron Dimension's Dimension Leader, Jiu Wu, and are tasked to protect and maintain the order of the universe. His army code is X23Y90U87. Ling first appeared in class 13 of KO One Return , landing in the 10-years-later Gold Dimension due to a rare phenomenon known as dimension quake. Ling did not appear in KO One Re-act, therefore it is unclear what happened to him after the timeline is reset.

Strength Edit

As part of the Iron Imperial Army, Ling went through countless endurance training, which hardened him as an excellent soldier who can remain rational even in adverse situations. He is quick-thinking and courageous, as seen when he threw himself into the dimension quake unhesitatingly to complete his mission of finding the missing Da Dong. However, he always calculate his move and the probability of success before even attempting. His power index was initially 10000+, but was reduced to 3000 after suffering from severe injuries caused by the dimension quake.

Weapon Edit


Ling's Épée, when first revealed

Ling is a fencer and make use of an unnamed Épée when engaged in battle. Its blade can be concealed when not in use. The weapon do not possess any special abilities, and is only seen to be used as a normal melee weapon.

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