Liu Xie
Meng zhu
Chinese Name 劉協
Courtesy Name N/A
Role Minor character
Gender Male
Species N/A
Aura N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities N/A
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World The Silver Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance 38th Round, K.O.3an Guo
Portrayed by N/A

Liu Bian's nine-year old little brother and the newly ascended leader of the Nationwide School Union, ascended by Dong Zhuo, who attempted to use him to take over the country.

Yuan Shao attempted to convince him to promote him to the highest position in the imperial court. Unfortunately, the child refused to listen and so Yuan Shao used force to make him fearful and used the child's fear to get his promotion.

Origin Edit

Emperor Xian of Han (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Hàn Xiàn dì; Wade-Giles: Han Hsien-ti) (181 - April 21, 234, reigned 189 - 220) was the last emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty. He was forced to abdicate in favor of Cao Pi and was given the title of Duke of Shanyang ("Shanyang gong").

Emperor Xian was the son of Emperor Ling and was the brother of Emperor Liu Bian (who later became known as Prince of Hongnong). He was placed on the throne in 189 after Dong Zhuo removed his brother from the throne. This act was seen as a sign to all the other lords that Dǒng was in full control of the empire. However, after Dong Zhuo was assassinated in 192, Emperor Xian became first a puppet and then was stranded in Luoyang with the warlords formally acknowledging him but giving him no aid. Eventually, Emperor Xian came under the control of Cao Cao in 196, and Cao used Emperor Xiàn as a titular ruler effectively, issuing edicts beneficial to him in Emperor Xian's name, greatly helping him in his quest to reunify the empire, which appeared inevitable until Cao's defeat by Sun Quan at the Battle of Red Cliffs, leading to Sun and Liu Bei's entrenchment in their territories. In 220, the Han dynasty was finally overthrown by Cao Cao's son Cao Pi, ending more than 400 years of Han dynastic rule and ushering in the era of the Three Kingdoms.

References Edit

Dong Han Academy (東漢書院)
Nationwide Union Leader: Liu Xie
Principal: Wang Yun | Dong Zhuo | Cao Cao
Student body: Cao Cao
Security: Li Ru | Mei Niang | Wen Chou
Five Tiger Generals (五虎將)
Guan Yu | Zhang Fei | Zhao Yun | Ma Chao | Huang Zhong
Freshmen: Guan Yu | Zhang Fei | Zhao Yun | Ma Chao | Huang Zhong | Xiu / Liu Bei | Diao Chan | Xiao Qiao | Jiang Gan | Wen Chou | Sun Shang Xiang | Zhuge Liang
Sophomore: Cao Cao | Xun Yu | Xu Chu | Dian Wei | Liao Hua | Da Qiao
Jingzhou Building (荊州大樓)
Principal: Cao Cao
Student body: Cao Cao
Guan Yu | Xiu / Liu Bei | Zhang Fei | Zhao Yun | Ma Chao | Huang Zhong | Xiao Qiao | Sun Shang Xiang | Zhuge Liang

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