Lord diablo

Ye Si Ti possessed by Lord Diablo

Pronunciation: Di Ah Bo Luo Mo Zun

Lord Diablo is the ruler of the demonic world, known as the strongest demon and dominates all kinds of demons in his bidding.


A century ago, he attempted to dominate the Iron Dimension, but the force of the Great Traveler and the King of Guns ruined his plan and he was thrown back into his world.

K.O.3an GuoEdit

In the year of 1992, Ye Xiong Feng sold his soul to Lord Diablo in exchange for world domination when their agreement came in handy. This event finally happened when Ye Si Ti's wavering heart caused a brick to their plan, and Ye Xiong Feng sacrificed his life for the agreement, allowing Lord Diablo to possess Ye Si Ti and overpower the protagonists.

In desire to torment them, he trapped his enemies in the Abyss of Chaos where they were unable to escape. The guardian of the Iron Dimension, Xia Tian, managed to break into his dimension and eventually disrupt it, allowing the protagonists to return to their original position and banish Lord Diablo from Ye Si Ti's body, taking his powers with him.



Lord Diablo's true face

Lord Diablo's powers are strongest among the demon kind. He can create a whole new dimension by throwing a special fireball called "Huo Lei Lei Yi" and trap everyone he hits.

He can also possess people to interact with the dimensions and cast powerful spells.

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