Lu Meng
Lu Meng2-03
Chinese Name 呂蒙
Courtesy Name Lu Ziming
Role Support character / Main character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura Crimson
Abilities Inhuman Strength & martial arts skills
Special abilities Flame of Unity
Spicey Red Oil Hand
Create musical atmospheres
Weapons Drumsticks and drums
Status Alive
Home World The Silver Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) What's-His-Name (The Gold Dimension)
First Appearance 7th Round, K.O.3an Guo
Portrayed by Monkey
Lu Meng (呂蒙, courtesy Lu Ziming 呂子明) is a minor-turned-main character of K.O.3an Guo.

In the series, he is an elementary student of Jiang Dong with the size of an adult for some unknown reason. He is a member of the music band, Champion.


He tends to be loyal to Sun Ce, who looks up to his capabilities, as well as his teammates.

Lu Meng displays a rude and overly confident character. He always takes things into his own hands and would defy others when he thinks they are making a wrong choice.

Throughout the series Ah Meng has always been the guinea pig for most of the weapon experiment in Jiang Dong. Even though he wa relucant to do so, but everyone forced him so he had no choice. He always been the person that would endure the most damage or pain. For example, he was the person holding the target board on Xiu/Liu Bei and Sun Quan archery competion (47th Round), he also tested many of Zhou Yu's new design weapons (44th Round), and he also the first person to taste Xiao Qiao's horrible medicine soup (48th Round).


  • Ah Meng (阿蒙) by his teammates and friends.
  • Wu Xia Ah Meng (吳下阿蒙) by people of Jiang Hu. (Mentioned by Zhao Yun in 7th Round)


Lu Meng is known to be very special type of martial artist, able to adjust to powerful skills ever since he was young. He is commented to be able to surpass Sun Ce, if he continues to improve his powers. He has also demonstrated the ability of super-speed.

His most powerful attack is called "Spicey Red Oil Hand" (麻辣紅油抄手).

His other "abilities" include:

He can also produce a fiery attack called "Flame of Unity" (烈焰合) when joined with his teammates.

Musical skillsEdit

As a member of Champion, Lu Meng mainly utilizes the skills of drumming. By infusing his energy into the instruments, he can create various forms of energy effects.


  • Ah Meng blood type is B.

Alternate CounterpartEdit

The Gold DimensionEdit

He has an alternate counterpart in KO One Return as What's-his-name. 


Lü Meng (178 - 219) was a renowned officer under Sun Quan during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He served as the commanding general in the invasion of Jing Province that led to the death of Guan Yu.[1]