Chinese: 武力裁决所
Pronunciation: Wu Li Cai Jue Suo

Profile Edit

An organization created by 7 people 3 decades ago. As time passed, Hei Long, one of the members became a power-mad tyrant and killed most of the members. Only Duan Chang Ren and Wang Tu Long managed to leave the gang in one piece. With everyone gone, Hei Long became the leader and sought out to find powerful people and either make them his minions or destroy them. To do so, he invented the KO Ranking Chart to lure young warriors into developing their powers and land a position in the rankings.

In the end, this organization is destroyed with Hei Long's power displaced and the minions go free.


Former membersEdit

  • Wang Tu Long (王土龍) - Founder, also the founder of Tu Long Bang.
  • Duan Chang Ren (斷腸人) - Founder, brother of Hei Long. Also, known as Hong Long (红龙).
  • Yu Long (雨龍) - Founder, killed by Hei Long.
  • Lei Long
  • Deng Long

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