Melody (Yin Yue) is the portrayer of Tian Xin in KO One.


  • Name: 殷悦 / Yin Yue
  • English Name: Melody
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Birthdate: 1979-Jan-16
  • Height: 170cm
  • Birthplace: U.S.
  • Horoscope: Capricorn


TV Show Theme SongsEdit

  • Ai Bu Zai (愛不在), A Game about Love (CTS, 2006)
  • Wu Hui (誤會) with Van Fan, Amor De Tarapaca (2004)
  • Hui Zhi Bu Qu, Star Wish (CTS, 2003)


Talents: Piano
Interest: Reading, watching movies, and arts
Education: UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) - Majored in Politics and Sociology

External linksEdit

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