Pronunciation: Mie

Mie is a Chinese translation of "destruction". It is a gateway to the demonic world where only spirits and demons prevail that is located in every dimension.

If a human were to enter, his fate will be fatal. By entering Mie will envelope the intruder with demonic energy, which will also kill him even if he returns to his home world. It has been implied, however, that their powers might increase to a maximized degree if they survive.

The entrance closes after ten minutes of someone entering and will remain closed for at least one century if no one comes out within those ten minutes.

Every entrance is protected by a gurdian to prevent demons from coming out of Mie and people from discovering it.

The X-FamilyEdit


Mie in the Iron Dimension

Xia Tian and Lan Ling Wang are the only known survivors who have intruded Mie and survived its energy, because Xia Tian had the Feng Long Card (封龍卡) for protection and Lan Ling Wang was protected by the Seven Stars Curse (七星咒).

The Xia Lan Xing De family (夏蘭荇德家族) has always guarded the gateway and kept it secret from the rest of the world - with the eldest member being the guardian. The current guardian is Xia Liu.

The portal in the Iron Dimension is located in an abandoned refrigerator in the Xia family's household. It has to be plugged in to open the gateway and if the gateway closes when the plug is still in and someone entered from the outside the gate will close. thirty seconds before the gate is closed it will make wooing sounds until it ends then the gate will close. The gate will reopen in a 100 years if its short

K.O.3an Guo Edit

Big worm hole

Mie in the Silver Dimension

In K.O.3an Guo, Mie has an alternate name in the Silver Dimension called "Big Worm Hole" (大蟲洞). The portal is located in a warehouse.

Ye Si Ti uses a dark spell to open it and unleash the demons within to raise an army.

Appendices Edit

即是魔界,而滅的入口就在夏家雜物房的冰箱內,只要冰箱插上電源,入口就會自動出現,所有異能行者都是有進無出的,多年來只有夏天能夠從滅出來,原因是因 為夏天有封龍卡護體。而後,因為鐵時空即降被魔化異能行者統治,於是蘭陵王進入滅裡拿冥界磁石,因為蘭陵王有七星咒護體,所以成為第2個進入滅裡又安全走 出來的人。

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