Jellyfish Bomb (老母靠邊閃之水母炸彈)

Chinese: 老母靠邊閃之水母炸彈
Pronunciation: Lao Mu Kao Bian Shan Zhi Shui Mu Zha Dan


This bomb uses the poison release by the jellyfish to deactivate the countdown of the bomb. The jellyfish in the aquarium will consistently release poison and will fill the whole aquarium with poison. The poison not only activates the countdown, once a person is in contact with it, they will feel as if they are electrocuted. It is an ultimate bomb that will explode when forcefully destroyed and cannot be deactivate at a close distance.

According to Ma Chao, when this bomb appears, many mothers of families would cry painfully. That was why it is called "Mothers Move Aside, Jellyfish Bomb".

This is an ultimate bomb in the Silver Dimension, combined with electricity emitted from jellyfish. The only way to stop the detonation is by removing the electricity from the bomb.

Appendices Edit


圓柱內的水母將會不停釋放毒液,並將毒液佈滿整個玻璃柱。 毒液不但是計時器的動力,也會讓人一碰到 , 就會像被電到一樣痛苦。 是一種無法靠解除 硬拆就必然引爆的終極炸彈。

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