Chinese: 全國學校聯盟
Meng zhu law
Pinyin: Quan Guo Xue Xiao Lian Meng

Profile Edit

A union in the school world of the Silver Dimension. In short, it is known as the principal of all schools. All schools are ordered to answer to the one who has control over them, titled "Quan Xiao Meng Meng Zhu" (Union Leader). Many denizens in the Silver Dimension dream to take that place and become the strongest person in the world. Liu Bian was Meng Zhu before he was dethroned. The successor of this position was Liu Xie, before Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei separated the country in three.

Appendices Edit

簡稱【全校盟】,擔任全校盟盟主,可以統治支配全國學校及資源,地位極為崇高,是銀時空人人想奪取的寶座。全校盟盟主目前由東漢書院董事長,人稱東漢少帝 劉辯擔任。

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