Chinese: 屎蓋筆
Pronunciation: Shǐ gài bǐ

Poop Covered Pen is actually an ordinary pen that Huang Yue Ying gave to Zhuge Liang, when she was still identified as his mysterious pen pal in the Jingzhou Building's toilet.

Even though it was just a pen, Zhuge Liang always thought of it as a very special pen and always took care of it. Especially, since he had a cruch on his mysterious friend, in which his instict told him to be a girl.

When he found out that his mysterious pen pal was actually a girl, he took care of the pen even more. He even started talking to it and began kissing it. This odd behavior was somewhat his way of expressing his love towards Huang Yue Ying.

Note: This is a pun, as Shi (poop) Gai Bi (covered pen) is also Skype in Chinese.

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