Fen guang set meal 1
Pronunciation: Qi Lin Mai Chong Guang Tao Can

A series of powerful spells used by Xia Xiong in the first eighteen episodes.

Used SpellsEdit

1st Meal Fen Guang MenuEdit

Chinese: 一號餐分光套餐
Fen guang set meal 1-2
Pronunciation: Yi Hao Can Fen Guang Tao Can


Used with the Qilin Glove (麒麟手) to create beam of light to severe energy.


Qi Lin Mai Chong Guang Tao Can - Yi Hao Can Fen Guang Tao Can - Wulabaha (麒麟脈衝光套餐 → 一號餐分光套餐 嗚啦巴哈)

3rd Meal Romantic MenuEdit

Chinese: 三號餐聚光套餐
Pronunciation: San Hao Can Jun Guang Tao Can


Attacks with a light bolt formed by the Qilin Glove (麒麟手).


Qi Lin Mai Chong Guang Tao Can - San Hao Can Ju Guang Tao Can - Wulabaha (麒麟脈衝光套餐 → 三號餐聚光套餐 嗚啦巴哈)

Spells that were not usedEdit

2nd Meal Shining Menu
Chinese: 二號餐散光套餐
Pronunciation: Er Hao Can San Guang Tao Can
4th Meal
Chinese: 四號餐束光套餐
Pronunciation: Si Hao Can Shu Guang Tao Can
5th Meal
Chinese: 五號餐疾光套餐
Pronunciation: Wu Hao Can Ji Guang Tao Can
6th Meal
Chinese: 六號餐銀光套餐
Pronunciation: Liu Hao Can Yin Guang Can
7th Meal
Chinese: 七號餐瞬光套餐
Pronunciation: Qi Hao Can Shun Guang Tao Can
8th Meal
Chinese: 八號餐銀光套餐
Pronunciation: Ba Hao Can Yin Guang Tao Can
9th Meal
Chinese: 九號餐星光套餐
Pronunciation: Jiu Hao Can Xing Guang Tao Can
10th Meal
Chinese: 十號餐悲光套餐
Pronunciation: Shu Hao Can Bei Guang Tao Can

Related spellsEdit

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