Chinese: 窮得只剩下夢
Pronunciation: Qióng de zhǐ shèng xià mèng


A novel written by Sun Shang Xiang to trick Dong Zhuo into instructing her the technique of Hao Cha Jing. The title of this book " 窮得只剩下夢 " (Qióng de zhǐ shèng xià mèng) means "Poor to the point that you only have dreams". The subheading of this book " 解夢得天下 " (Jiě mèng dé tiānxià) means "Decipher your dream and rule the world". This subheading was actually the one that made Dong Zhuo interested in reading it.

In order to make Dong Zhuo, Li Ru, and Mei Niang believed that this was an actual book, on the cover it was written " 作者甘羅 " (Zuòzhě Gān Luó), meaning "Author: Gan Luo".

Note: Gan Luo was a political figure in the Qing Dynasty.

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