Chinese Name 裘球
Full Name 裘球
Role Support Character
Gender Female
Species Muggle in KO One Return

Power-user in KO One Re-act

Aura Pink
Abilities -
Special abilities -
Weapons 神隱喵喵爪
Status Alive
Dimension The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterparts Xiao Long Nu(The Iron Dimension, before the power user war)

Xiao Qiao's friend (The Silver Dimension) Yin Xiao Feng(The Bronze Dimension)

First Appearance Lesson 1, KO One Return
Portrayed by 文雨非
Qiu Qiu (裘球)KO9

Qiu Qiu wears a glove in KO One Return to cover up that she is the President of the Student Body. It is signified with a ring that was passed down by other Presidents. She has 7200 battle points.


She has a habit of lying to her classmates and usually ending off with "Of course it's fake!" 

Love LifeEdit

KO One 3Edit

She has a crush on Zhong Wan Jun ever since the first time they met each other. She always makes the effort to secretly place a packet of milk on Wan Jun's table. Later in the series, Qiu Qiu confessed to Zhong Wan Jun and got rejected. During the period of sadness, she was accompanied and comforted by Gu Zhan, who was also her colleague. Gu Zhan displayed his affections but was rejected by Qiu Qiu, stating that he didn't loved her truly.  

Alternate Counterpart Edit

The Iron Dimension Edit

Qiu Qiu alternate counterpart in the Iron Dimension is Xiao Long nu, one of the magic doctors.

The Bronze Dimension

In the Bronze Dimension, her counterpart is Yin Xiao Feng, yi-neng user and has the power over wind.

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