Ren Chen Wen
Ren Chen Wen
Chinese Name 任晨文
Full Name Ren Ren Wan Nong Chen Wen (任秂完弄‧晨文)
Role Support character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura Orange
Abilities Spellcasting
Special abilities Mosaic
Weapons N/A
Status Assumed dead (at the end of X-Family)/

Alive (from beginning of X-Dormitory)

Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts Jin Bao San (The Gold Dimension), Jiang Gan (The Silver Dimension)
First Appearance Round 1, The X-Family
Portrayed by Zhang Hao Ming

Ren Ren Wang Nong Chen Wen (任秂完弄‧晨文), shortened Ren Chen Wen (任晨文), was a friend/follower of Xia Tian at school. He often fell victim to Xia Mei's electric power, and to beautiful, yet deadly females who would use him as a pawn to accomplish a certain goal.


As a person, he was extremely sure of himself, but also a coward and a pervert.

He hated people calling his full name.

Whenever Xia Mei ordered him to do something, he would do it immediately and pull together all of his power to succeed (but tends to complain a lot).

Ren Chen Wen carried a pink bunny slipper in his back pocket, which he occasionally used to hit people's heads. However, it is more common to Xia Mei being the one who uses it to hit him.

He had two followers from school named Xia Mi and Wa Ge.


The X-FamilyEdit


He was murdered by the Master (Xia Tian's paternal grandfather) after he unknowingly spoiled his plan to kill Xia Xiong to obtain her Wu Feng.



Ren Chen Wen had the power to create a mosaic around his face. This ability was mostly triggered by a spell, but it could sometimes be summoned by thought, as demonstrated in the second episode when he triggered this power with fear.

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

Jin Bao San

Jin Bao San

The Gold Dimension Edit

Ren Chen Wen is the alternate counterpart of Jin Bao San from the Iron Dimension who is also the follower of Wang Da Dong, Xia Tian's alternate counterpart. They are both equally stupid and self-proud. Jin Bao San does not appear in the main story, but Ya Se has once mentioned that he had become Da Dong's personal bodyguard, making Da Dong extremely uncomfortable.

Jiang Gan

Jiang Gan

The Silver Dimension Edit

In the Silver Dimension, Ren Chen Wen's alternate counterpart is Jiang Gan, who works as student body vice-president and class president of Dong Han Academy, under Cao Cao.

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