Chinese: 回之咒 → 父召子咒
Returning curse
Pronunciation: Huí zhī zhòu → fù zhào zi zhòu

This is a powerful spell used by demonic power-users. It is known for transferring enormous energy to the caster, but it has to be performed in a specific ritual to be able to do so. If the ritual was disrupted or failed, the damage to the user will be very severe and can even cause death.

This Returning Curse is father summons son curse. When the father summons the curse, the son's Yi Neng (Magic Power) will all be transferred to the father's body.


Ma Gi Er Pao Gi - Wulabaha


The Master used this once in Round 47 of The X-Family, while he was using Ye Si Ren's body. He failed to use this curse because he was disrupted by Lan Ling Wang, who was using the Departing Curse. This ultimately led to his doom.

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