Round 39

The 60th episode of the Zhong Ji series.

Episode InformationEdit

Series: The X-Family
Episode No. 39
Original Airdate October 01, 2007
Previous Episode: Round 38
Next Episode: Round 40


Xia Tian goes under the experiment to overpower his evil counterpart, Zack. Xiu tries to help by transfering his elemental wind power to Xia Tian until to increase his powers and gets himself hurt in after the process. Unfortunately, Zack is nearby and absorbs all the energy from Xia Tian. Xia Xiong then determines to use her gun, Wu Feng, to amplify Xia Tian's power and shield him from Zack's power. However, if his heart is not pure, the result can turn fatal. Xia Tian has a mental conversation with Gui Long about the situation, and makes him agree to temporarily let Xia Tian take complete control.

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