Seven Stars Curse

Chinese: 七星咒
Pronunciation: Qi Xing Zhou

A horrifying curse combined with seven dark spells that was put upon the Gu La Yi Er family (古拉依爾家族) by the Ye He Na La family (葉赫那啦家族) seven generations ago to seal away their supreme supernatural abilities. Unless the cursed family finds a way to lift the curse before the eight generation is born, that curse will take away the coming generations' powers forever.

It is known as the most powerful and cruel curse there is, which is why it can protect its victims from powerful attacks, however, it does not shield them from harmless spells, such as slow motioning or freezing. However, its protective abilities can only be activated when the victim doesn't have powers. To lift the curse, the victim must lose something very dear to him; one for each spell.

Lan Ling Wang is the last generation to lift the curse. If he doesn't, the next generations will their powers. However, if he breaks it, all energy of hatred from his ancestors will be gathered inside him, thus turns him into an Ultimate Iron Man.

To Lift the CurseEdit

There are two ways to lift the curse:

  • To lose something precious to the victim.
  • To use Lan Ling Zhan and transfer energy to another, thus breaks 65% of the curse.

Appendices Edit

是葉赫那啦家族祖先對古拉依爾家族祖先所下的詛咒,到了蘭陵王一代也就是最後一代,但對蘭陵王來説同時也是保護,是七世的怨氣集成。七星咒,顧名思義就是 一世一層剝削中咒家族的善與德,到了最後一代七星咒上面又多了一層咒鎖,到最後一代傳人死亡的時候七星咒就會上鎖,一旦上鎖之後,中咒家族七世所有人的靈 魂就如同上了枷鎖一般,將要生生世世成爲葉赫那啦家族的奴僕,並且不再擁有任何異能,永世不得翻身。所以如果蘭陵王解不開七星咒,他的後人就不會再有特強 體質的潛力;相反,如果解開了,七世的怨氣就會瞬間令蘭陵王變成終極鐵克人。

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