SpeXial , 

Profile Edit

Country: Taiwan

Number of People: 7

Average Age: 22 years

Average Height: 182 cm

Taiwan seven boy band , as can meter international film community's artists, with an average age of 22 years, with an average height of 182 cm. Its mission is named deformation word "eXtra Special", meaning "distinctive special" fans called "special envoy", which means "special mission." The beginning of the first period by four members ATEN ,Wei Jin , Ming-jie and sub ​​Hong composition, December 7, 2012 release of their debut album " SpeXial "official debut; for 2012 the only Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development 101 annual flagship pop music industry with integrated marketing plan to promote the benefits of boy band [1] [2] .

May 26, 2014, officially announced the second phase of the members Chen Xiang , Evan and Teddy joined SpeXial [3] , in order to posture group of seven people return to music, the trio on June 5 and " Break it down "album press conference official debut, the album was released in the same month later on the 12th. The company currently does not intend to join.

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