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  • summons demons
  • summons demon
  • summons demons
  • infiltrates the victim's heart
  • infiltrates the victim's heart
  • infiltrates the victim's heart
  • balck mist
  • against each other
  • against each other
  • after they focused, the demon left
  • second attempt
  • the demon cannot affect them
  • creates replicas of the caster
  • the caster's replicas
Chinese: 十恶不赦訣
Pronunciation: Shi E Bu She Jue

Dong Zhuo's final spell in the Dark Scripture with multiple effects. It has the power to summon possessing demons to influence people's hearts and turn them against each other.

It can also be used to summon powerful demons into battle and to create replicas of the caster to amplify battles to his favor.

To get rid of the influence of the spell, the victims have to think and focus their minds on happy thoughts or happy memories, so that their hearts did not contain any hatred that could increase the power of the spell.

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