Chinese: 驚典
Pronunciation: Jing Dian

The manuscript was the Xia Lan Xing De family's book of terminology that was passed down through generations of the Xia Lan Xing De ancestors. The book was kept by Xia Liu, the patriarch of the family. It contained vast knowledgeable information about the magical world (smilar to the Book of Shadows from the American TV-show, Charmed).

This book first appeared on Round 13 when Xiong Ge and Xia Liu were trying to explain about Stone-Hearted Assassin.

The book was destroyed at the end of the series when Xia Tian tries to open the space-time portal (時空之門) and results in everything magical to lose their abilities, including objects.


  • The book is really called Wan Yong Bai Ke Bao Dian (萬用百科宝典), but was shortened to "Jing Dian".
  • Whether this book truly possessed magic or not remained a mystery.

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