The X-Dormitory
KO6 Title
Series number 6
No. of episodes 40
Opening theme Break It Down by SpeXial
Ending theme Ai Cun Zai (愛存在) by Diana Wang (王詩安)
Original run June 23, 2014 - August 15, 2014
Preceded by KO One Re-act
Followed by Angel 'N' Devil
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The X-Dormitory (終極X宿舍, pinyin: Zhōng jí X sù shè) is the sixth of the KO series. It is a direct sequel to KO One Re-act, taking place 10 years after the ending of KO One Re-act. It is the second of the Iron Dimension series, after The X-Family.



The story begins in the Xia Dormitory. Many years after the great war between good and evil, Xiong Ge operates a private dormitory for students and travelers. In recent years, Xiong Ge keeps trying to make herself busy, so she can forget Xia Tian, Xia Yu and Si Ren who are missing. She takes care of the students living here like her sons and daughter. One day, on Si Ren's birthday, which is also the day Xia Tian and Xia Yu went missing, a room 206 suddenly appeared in the dormitory. Grandpa thinks this is an inauspicious sign. Xiong Ge is busy in the dormitory, in addition to settling the conflicts between the tenant. However, Si Ren who was missing since the great war actually come out from room 206?! After so many years, Would the reappearance of Si Ren bring back news about the great war?


Main CastEdit

Image Actor Character
KO6-Xia Xiong Pauline Lan (藍心湄) Xia Lan Xin De Xiong (夏蘭荇德‧雄)
KO6-Cang Qiong Wes (宏正) Hu Yan Jue Luo Cang Qiong (呼延覺羅‧蒼穹)
KO6-Han Cai Han Cen (寒) Han Ke La Ma Han (韓克拉瑪‧寒)
KO6-Chen Wei Matthew (明杰) Chen Wei (陳偉)
KO6-Julia Diana Wang (王詩安) Julia (朱莉亞)
KO6-Ye Sheng Wayne (偉晉) Ye Sheng (葉聖)
KO6-Xiu Xiu (修) Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu (呼延覺儸‧脩)
KO6-Xia Mei Sunnie Huang (黃小柔) Xia Lan Xin De Mei (夏蘭荇德‧美)
KO6-Ren Pang Guang Emerson Tsai (蔡昌憲) Ren Ren Wan Nong Pang Guang (任秂完弄•龐光)
KO6-Xiao Long Nu A Xi (阿喜) Ji Ji Ru Lu Ling (吉吉如律.苓)
KO6-Liang Xi Xi Vincent Liang (梁赫群) Liang Xi Xi (梁兮兮)
KO6-A chord Xie He Xian (謝和弦) a Chord
KO6-Ren Chen Wen Jin Bao San (金寶三) Ren Ren Wan Nong Chen Wen (任秂完弄‧晨文)
KO6-Ye Si Ren Jack Na (那維勲) Ye He Na La Si Ren (葉赫那啦.思仁)
KO6-Xia Liu Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正) Xia Lan Xin De Liu (夏蘭荇德‧流)

Extended CastEdit


Uncredited GuestEdit

Episode ListEdit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode Synopsis
KO6.01 EP01 June 23, 2014 6.01 在铁时空众异能行者成功逼退火焰使者几年后,魔界之王狄阿怖猡魔尊率领魔界大举侵袭金银铜铁四时空!即使金时空的汪大东到铁时空救援受伤的终极铁克人夏天,但这场跨时空异能行者集结在铁时空的正义与邪恶大战结果竟然是------谜!



KO6.02 EP02 June 24, 2014 6.02 雄哥的男友郝国民要跟雄哥求婚,求婚前一刻钻戒离奇失踪,雄哥为解开钻戒失踪之谜,找来众人讨论,箭头纷纷指向雄哥认为不学无术的夏美男友胡强尼,这让母女关系日渐紧绷…


KO6.03 EP03 June 25, 2014 6.03 雄哥与众人于宿舍庆祝失踪多年思仁生日时,一阵天摇地动,思仁竟从206号门走出,雄哥等人惊喜之余却发现这个思仁完全不认识夏家人,不仅失去记忆,还呆滞如木头人一般。雄哥、夏美用尽方法要唤起思仁的记忆,而雄哥也两难的徘徊在善体人意的郝国民与木头人叶思仁之间,但夏美无法体谅雄哥的苦,母女俩人冲突又起…
KO6.04 EP04 June 26, 2014 6.04 阿公开始恋爱了!对方却报警认为阿公是骚扰变态,雄哥到警察局保阿公,才发现阿公爱到不能爱的人… 雄哥怀疑回来的思仁躯壳不是思仁时,思仁竟又展现出既有的油条语气,却只对着「物件」侃侃而谈,若与人相视立即木讷呆滞,让众人百思不得其解!宿舍乖乖女莉亚一向暗恋着苍芎,不料气质高雅的母亲突然通知莉亚好好准备去相亲!莉亚不敢违背母亲而郁郁寡欢,寒与小聋女两位姊姊决定要出手帮助莉亚!
KO6.05 EP05 June 27, 2014 6.05 Xia Mei finds enough prove for Xiong Ge to believe that Hao Guo Ming has been lying to her about his injury, and tells him that they are over, but Professor Hao stays in the apartment house and promises that he will only leave after Si Ren recovers his memories. Cang Qiong pretends to be Zhu Li Ya with the help of a pill to disgust Gao Fu Shuai so he will leave her, instead, he tries to force himself on her and angers Luo Bo Zi in the process, making her take back her promise of Li Ya’s hand in marriage. Bo Zi, however, takes Li Ya away from the dormitory because of the “pervert” Ah Gong. The family finds out that Si Ren can fix broken electronics for some reason, and uses Yi Neng to help bring his memories back.
KO6.06 EP06 June 30, 2014 6.06 Si Ren accidentally gets electrocuted by Xiong Ge and Xia Mei, then recovers his memories. He tells Ah Gong and Xiong Ge that he got on a weird bus while following Han, and forgot everything else that happened after that. Flashback to days before the battle, in Han and Xia Tian’s wedding, Xia Tian abandons Han so she won’t be bound by a ring even if he doesn’t return from the battle. Cang Qiong finds out about Han’s abandonment, and follows her around to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. Xia Mei hides all the food of the house in her room from Pang Guang because they got in an argument.
KO6.07 EP07 July 1, 2014 6.07 Seeing that Pang Guang is starving, Cang Qiong suggests him to take a job, which leads to him seeing Johnny. He tells Xia Mei about the news, and take revenge on the fake rocker. Si Ren tries to find a cure for his erectile dysfunction, but ends up on the news. At the end of the episode, he ages years after one night, just as Ru Ling’s diagnosis. Cang Qiong and Zhu Li Ya are trying their best to pass their exams. The dormitory throws Pang Guang a surprise birthday party.
KO6.08 EP08 July 2, 2014 6.08 Cang Qiong and Zhu Li Ya passes their exams with the help of Han and Ye Sheng respectively. Si Ren ages even more, and gets weaker than Ah Gong. He runs away from home because he doesn’t want Xiong Ge to be sad for him, and tells Ah Gong to lie for him. Xiong Ge sees through the lie immediately anyway, and tries to find Si Ren. Han meets A Chord and decides to question him about what has happened over the years. When A Chord lies to Han, she beats him on the head, and his dramatic reaction makes Han question him even more.
KO6.09 EP09 July 3, 2014 6.09 The Xia family tries their best to find Si Ren after he runs away. Ru Ling gets into an argument with Xi Xi, but realizes later that Xi Xi really wishes her to become famous and is trying his best to find jobs for her. A Chord visits the Xia apartment house, and Ah Gong realizes that the H League may be doing damage to Yi-Neng users’ minds.
KO6.10 EP10 July 4, 2014 6.10 A Chord spills what happened to him after he was kicked out of Bei Cheng Wei. Ru Ling diagnoses that A Chord has a time bomb planted inside of him by the H League. Zhu Li Ya helps Ye Sheng to pass his exam of dissecting a stuffed frog. When he practices dissecting by cutting a duck, Ah Gong senses a strange aura coming from Ye Sheng. Xia Mei tells Pang Guang what happened to her Gui Wa and Zhen Zi 7 years ago. Pang Guang plans to go on a date with his ex-girlfriend, but ends up receiving a wedding invitation from her instead. Ru Ling figures out what will save Si Ren from aging.
KO6.11 EP11 July 7, 2014 6.11 Xia Mei and Pang Guang accidentally gets married after they got drunk. To fix the problem, they turns back time 2 times to fix their mistake. However, they still get married because they cannot change what happened, and they start falling for each other. Because of the time being turned back, Xiong Ge finds Si Ren, and puts him in the titanium coffin to slow his aging. Ah Gong and Xiong Ge finds out that hidden cameras were set up in their house, and takes them off. Gui Long shows up at the end, accusing Cang Qiong of being a bad boy because of his attitude.
150px EP12 July 8, 2014 6.12 Gui Long appears in the apartment house, and accidentally knocks Cang Qiong into amnesia. Gui Long then takes over Cang Qiong’s body and tries to use his potential for himself. Han removes him from Cang Qiong and he goes back into Xia Tian’s body. Meanwhile, Xia Mei tries to get Pang Guang jealous by being close to Cheng Wen, but receives a different reaction from Pang Guang instead.
150px EP13 July 9, 2014 6.13 Gui Long disappears and open leaves his guitar pick, and Xiong Ge gives it to Han, admitting that she will always be the Xia family’s daughter-in-law. Xiong Ge decides to start cooking again, and makes the entire family suffer. Han pretends to be happy all the time to cope with Gui Long’s disappearance, but Cang Qiong tries to snap her out of it. Pang Guang tries everything to get the money he needs to buy his grandma a birthday present.
150px EP14 July 10, 2014 6.14 Cang Qiong makes Han better by convincing her to cry and act like who she really is. Everyone finally steps up to Xiong Ge and tells her that her cooking is horrible. As a result, she leaves the house to improve her cooking skills. Cang Qiong is getting distracted by his constant imaginations of Han, and Pang Guang is working harder for Xia Mei. Ah Gong gets left out by the family, and scares everyone with a cold. Zhu Li Ya invites all the girls to a speed date.
150px EP15 July 11, 2014 6.15 The girls go on an unsuccessful group speed date, while the boys get jealous over their respective crushes. Xiong Ge returns from her cooking training for the interview with Chen Wei. Meanwhile, Pang Guang and Xia Mei uses an app to find singles around them, but finds each other instead. Because of his fans, Xiong Ge offers a night’s stay for Chen Wei in Si Ren’s old room, and Chen Wei shows his interest in renting the room.
150px EP16 July 14, 2014 6.16 Xiong Ge rejected Chen Wei’s proposal of renting a room in the apartment house. Pang Guang owes his company NT$100,000 due to a typo. Ye Sheng and Cang Qiong decides to help Pang Guang pay his debt, but ends up losing the first NT$3,000 they make together to a homeless person. Xia Mei and Pang Guang finds out that they befriended on the internet on their date. Han tries to sell a guitar, but regrets it after Li Ya talks her into getting a new hobby. Cang Qiong still buys the guitar on an online bidding, however. Xia Mei finds Chen Wei sleeping in a park.
150px EP17 July 15, 2014 6.17 Chen Wei finally gets accepted into the apartment house by Xiong Ge. Because of a series of odd events in the house, the boys suspects Chen Wei, and Xiong Ge decides to make everyone play a Little Butler (like Secret Santa) game. Li Ya gets found sleepwalking, and can be the cause of the odd things. Cang Qiong finds Chen Wei putting black objects around the house.
150px EP18 July 16, 2014 6.18 Li Ya and Pang Guang gives Han and Cang Qiong bracelets that will allow them to get along, and ever since, Han has mistaken Cang Qiong for Xia Tian. Chen Wei gets caught doing suspicious things by Cang Qiong twice, but gets out of it with a reasonable excuse. Ru Ling gets elected as Kadina for a commercial, but has trouble filming without her manager. Han helps Ye Sheng confess to Li Ya by pretending to be him, but gets mistaken as her confessing to Ye Sheng by Li Ya and Cang Qiong.
150px EP19 July 17, 2014 6.19 Xiong Ge misses Si Ren more and more, and starts to see hallucinations of him everywhere. Pang Guang breaks Cang Qiong’s lucky tennis racket, and to return the luckiness, Han accidentally hurts herself picking a four-leaf clover, but resolves their misunderstanding. Li Ya receives an invitation to perform in Europe and leaves before Ye Sheng get the courage to confess to her. A Gong plans to tell the secret of the Dragon Sealing Card, but forgets it. However, Si Ren returns from the titanium coffin.
150px EP20 July 18, 2014 6.20 Si Ren wakes up from the coffin, but Ru Ling says he only has days to live. To solve the problem he eats the life extending medicine that makes him more feminine. However, Ye Sheng also accidentally eats the life extending pill, but it makes him more masculine. Han loses her Jing Lei and Xia Mei almost gets kidnapped, but with the help a A Chord, Cang Qiong returns Han’s Jing Lei. By the end of the episode, the life extending pill starts to wear out for both Si Ren and Ye Sheng.
150px EP21 July 21, 2014 6.21 Si Ren returns to the titanium coffin with one week left to live. Everyone throws Xiong Ge a birthday party to cheer her up. A Chord delivers the Soul Searching Song to Cang Qiong by the order of H League. Xiong Ge takes the score from Cang Qiong and plans to play it herself, but has no time to learn. In a family meeting, she tries to persuade everyone to give up trying to save Si Ren.
150px EP22 July 22, 2014 6.22 Xiong Ge finally gives in to Cang Qiong playing the Soul Searching Song, but failed because Han was distracted. Cang Qiong falls into a coma, and Han thinks it’s her fault. A Gong suggests the “666 Poison for Poison” Yi-Neng boost and makes Ru Ling make one for him. Before anyone can get to it, however, Han drinks it. The second time, Han plays the Soul Searching Song alone, but Ye Sheng disrupts the song and Han falls into a coma. However, Cang Qiong and Si Ren both return from being near-dead.
150px EP23 July 23, 2014 6.23 A Gong think Ye Sheng is neither a Yi-Neng user nor a Ma Gua, because his powers protected Han, Si Ren, and Cang Qiong, making them all return safely from the failed attempt at playing the Soul Searching Song. Cang Qiong becomes infatuated with Han after he wakes up. Xiu returns from the Great Battle, but can’t say anything that has to do with the Great Battle because of a curse. Si Ren decides to reopen Old Ass, and goes on a vacation with Xiong Ge and A Gong. Cheng Wen dreams that he and Xia Mei will get married, and his family’s Yi-Neng strength is future-foreseeing dreams.
150px EP24 July 24, 2014 6.24 Because of Cheng Wen’s dreams, Xia Mei begins preparing herself to be his bride, causing Pang Guang to be jealous and Cheng Wen to almost become broke. Chen Wei tries to find the Dragon Sealing Card in Xiong Ge’s room at night when Xiu walks in robotically and looks for something. He later visits Ye Sheng’s room and places a monitor camera under Ye Sheng’s desk. Pang Guang divorces Xia Mei to give his granduncle a chance with her, however, they both start to realize their feelings for each other.
150px EP25 July 25, 2014 6.25 Chen Wei sees Xiu sleepwalking again, and recommends him to be checked at a senior of his, who probably also work for the H League. Pang Guang persuades Xia Mei to invest in a scam company, and leaves the apartment house to crash at Cheng Wen’s while earning money to pay his debt. Xia Mei begins realizing how much she cares about Pang Guang after he leaves, and so does everyone else.
150px EP26 July 28, 2014 6.26 Zhu Li Ya return from performing in Australia, and begins to have feelings for Ye Sheng. Han receives the rose quartz pendant that Xiu lost when he arrived at the apartment house, and it somehow makes her feel happier. Pang Guang returns to the dorms after being found by Ru Ling. Xiong Ge, Si Ren, and A Gong comes back from their vacation, with A Gong’s girlfriend. However, Qiao Qiao seem to have made A Gong and Xiong Ge’s relationship at edge, and Qiao Qiao becomes suspicious to A Gong after Xia Mei claims she knows her from her pub.
150px EP27 July 29, 2014 6.27 Qiao Qiao leaves after Xiong Ge exposes their Yi-Neng background to her and A Gong erases all her memory of them. Si Ren realizes the pendant Han is wearing was given to Xia Tian from him so he can forget a previous love and heartache caused by them. Han overhears the conversation, and takes the pendant off.
150px EP28 July 30, 2014 6.28 Si Ren gets infatuated with his elementary school girlfriend, and is determine to go to the reunion even though he finds out that it’s on the same day as his and Xiong Ge’s anniversary. Xiong Ge limits the lodgers’ gas and electricity usage, but through protests, Xiong Ge forces the lodgers to pay for their own share of use. In turn, they all begin to use Xia Mei’s electricity, because she won’t ever get kicked out. After Si Ren ditches Xiong Ge for his reunion during their dinner, they both find out that his old girlfriend looks like Ren Chen Wen in drag.
150px EP29 July 31, 2014 6.29 Chen Wen gets the lottery numbers from his ancestor after he made everyone chip in to buy the lottery. Because of his greed, he returns the money to everybody and tries to win it himself. Before the numbers were announced, though, his ancestor tells him that it is the wrong numbers. Xiu and Han feels an odd attraction towards each other, which Xiu realizes is Xia Tian’s feelings hidden in him and he is trying to send Han and Xiu a message.
150px EP30 August 1, 2014 6.30 A Gong finds a pot on the internet that can grant any wish, but the price is the eyes of the person who makes the wish. With the temptation of the pot, everyone tries to find a way to make a wish without losing their eyes. Meanwhile, Liang Xi Xi moves into the apartment house after a magic accident that made him blind. Everyone tries to use him to make a wish, but at the end of the episode, he reveals that he was only pretending to be blind. A Gong and Xiong Ge tries to smash the pot, but its powers makes them unable to destroy it.
150px EP31 August 4, 2014 6.31 Liang Xi Xi tells Chen Wei about the wishing pot, and is forced by everyone in the apartment house to make a wish, even after they realized that he isn’t blind. When Ye Sheng sees Xi Xi in distraught, he breaks the wishing pot, and everyone returns to normal. The Yi-Neng users in the house begins acting uncontrollably because of the sunspots activity. Cang Qiong’s elementary school classmate, Hui Hui, visits the apartment house because he is also Li Ya’s college friend, and Cang Qiong begs her not to tell them about his embarrassing childhood. Chen Wei gets forced to act quick during the time of the sunspots activity by the H League. Cang Qiong confesses to Han through a door, but later realize that the one behind the door was Hui Hui.
150px EP32 August 5, 2014 6.32 Chen Wei thinks he may be a Yi-Neng user because he feels affected by the sunspots activity, when it was just Ye Sheng. Xiu remembers part of the Great Battle because of the sunspots, and hears A Xiang calling to him for help while the Mo Zun threatening him with her, and Xia Tian telling to go back. Xiong Ge buys a clone of herself to relief herself of the stress, but the clone treats everyone way nicer than she does, and is getting liked better by everyone.
150px EP33 August 6, 2014 6.33 Xiong Ge kicks her clone out after finding out that she has been treating the roommates too nicely. Xiu knocks Chen Wei out in his room while sleepwalking. Everyone reaffirms Xiong Ge that they love her for the way she is and she doesn’t need to stop being strict. Li Ya prepares to confess to Ye Sheng on the upcoming lunar Valentine’s day.
150px EP34 August 7, 2014 6.34 Li Ya and Ye Sheng gets together. Xiu finds out through a dream that what the Mo Zun wants from him is the dragon sealing card. Because of a warning letter from the safety department telling Xiong Ge that their apartment house may be torn down, they decided to enter a rice eating contest to win a mansion to live in. The team includes Si Ren, Cang Qiong, Chen Wen, and Xiu.
150px EP35 August 8, 2014 6.35 Si Ren and eating contest gang didn’t win the contest because everybody started puking after Chen Wen. Ru Ling, Xiu, and Xiong Ge helps Ye Sheng and Li Ya have their first kiss. The H League forces Chen Wei to steal the dragon sealing card after he finds out that it was hidden in Gui Long’s pick, but he was conflicted because he started seeing the people in the apartment house as family. Xiu walked in on him when he was stealing the pick, and strangles him and Ye Sheng with Yi-Neng. Chen Wei confesses to Ye Sheng that he was sent by the H League and everyone in the apartment house are Yi-Neng users.
150px EP36 August 11, 2014 6.36 Chen Wei reveals that he works for the H League, so A Gong, Xia Mei, and him pays a visit to the H League headquarters. However, they only see an old janitor and a computer. Xiu drinks a potion from Ru Ling to cure his sleepwalking disease, and later throws up a chip that blocked him from remembering the Great Battle. Everyone realizes Ye Sheng’s ability to calm people, and that everyone’s still alive and then battle is still going on.
150px EP37 August 12, 2014 6.37 Li Ya pretends to be a spoiled brat so it will be easier to break up with Ye Sheng when she moves out of the country. Chen Wei gets captured by the H League janitor and Ye Sheng tries to rescue him, but gets stopped by Xiong Ge’s order. He finds out that they are blood brothers.
150px EP38 August 13, 2014 6.38 Ye Sheng goes to exchange himself for Chen Wei at the H League headquarters, but comes back because he persuaded the janitors that he will be experimented on voluntarily. Xiong Ge finds out that Li Ya is not Buo Zhi’s daughter. After Sheng and Chen Wei hugs, they activate the dragon sealing card, can through it, A Gong saw that the Zhong Ji X Ke Ren will end the Great Battle. Later, Chen Wei demonizes and gets trapped in the card with Sheng. Because Chen Wei won a fight against Sheng, Pang Guang gets demonized.
150px EP39 August 14, 2014 6.39 叶圣和陈伟交战的胜负,同时显示着善、恶原力的势力消长… 而夏人公寓也同步反映着善、恶势力消长,陈伟一再击败叶圣,阿公、雄哥也不断压制着入魔的人。眼看夏人公寓即将全数沦陷为魔的属地,雄哥遂牺牲自己服下魔王酵母,此时夏人公寓传出魔尊的声音…
150px EP40 August 15, 2014 7.40 Ah Gong finds out that both he and Diablo had guessed wrongly the Ultimate X-Man's identity when Pang Guan had a dream which reveals Cang Qiong as the Ultimate X-Man.

Diablo soon realises that he had captured Copycat AKT001 instead of Xiong Ge. The real Xiong Ge is in fact hidden in the Titanium Coffin by Ah Gong. Diablo returns to retrieve her but is temporarily repelled by Cang Qiong, who has awaken as the Ultimate X-Man.

The mysterious door 206 returns and Cang Xiong uses it to join the Great Battle. A few days later, An unusual number of Power Users is detected.

Cang Xiong, Dong Cheng Wei and many others return from the Great Battle but unfortunately, Xia Tian, Xia Yu, and Ah Xiang do not and are presumably dead.

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