Titanium coffin

Titanium Coffin (鈦棺)

Chinese: 鈦棺
Pronunciation: Tai Guan


A metal coffin that Ye Si Ren sleeps in while he lives in the Ass Pub (老屁股).

It can vanquish the sleeper's original dark powers/instincts or suppress/prevent them from growing out again. However, as side effect, the coffin will cause the sleeper's hormones to increase, making him/her act on sexual instincts. It can also protect the sleeper from outside harm. Jiu Wu has also slept in this coffin to rid of his evil instincts.

According to Ye Si Ren that his Titanium SPAD Coffin is made from the first generation Ti-6A1-4V alloy. No matter its toughness, plasticity, protection, anti-corrosion, wear- and heat-resistance, and the biological accommodation, they all come from the best. It can also neutralize and dissolve outer magnetic waves. Even when the American NASA headquarters were creating the rocket, over 80% of their material uses this generation of Ti-6A1-4V alloy. Ye Si Ren comments his Titanium SPAD coffin as the best of the best.

List of usersEdit

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