Underworld Magnetic Stone (冥界磁石)

Chinese: 冥界磁石
Pronunciation: Ming Jie Ci Shi

Profile Edit

A stone that created all things. It is known to have an endless amount of energy, like the energy of the sun.

It was first discovered by good power-users long ago, but because good and evil tried to possess it by erupting a long series of bloody wars, the leader of good gave it up in order to protect the remains of his people from facing death. It was then thrown into the demonic world and placed under the bottom of a Body Melting Pool (肉身溶解池) as protection from those who wish to obtain it again.

Only Lan Ling Wang has been able to reclaim a piece of it, because he was protected by the Seven Stars Curse (七星咒).

After it was reclaimed, it infected Jiu Wu with demonic energy it had collected over the years, which almost turned him evil in the process.

Appendices Edit

據説是女媧補天時所用的石頭,是所有宇宙能量的來源,蘊藏無限的神秘原力,由於某一種原因被進[]的肉身溶解池裡,但為了鐵時空防護磁場和盟主和夏天的安全,而讓蘭陵王進入滅裡拿回。 多虧冥界磁石,讓鐵時空防護磁場繼續支持下去沒有漏洞和令盟主和夏天沒有因過度使用異能而暈倒或死亡,但後遺症是令盟主充滿魔性。

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