Bian hen da
Chinese: 變很大
Pronunciation: Bian Hen Da

A potion invented by Hua Tuo, by Wang Yun's request to change Diao Chan's character.

It has the power to change a person's personality and attitude. Because it was originally invented to change a female's attitude, the potion makes opposite effect when a male drinks it, becoming "girly".

First Edition Edit

When it was first invented, it could only take effect when someone claps once in front of the drinker and return him/her to normal when someone claps twice. Once the effect reverses, the drinker remembers nothing of what happened when he/she changed. When this potion activated, the person who drank it would yelled "Very Big Change!" (變很大 / Bian Hen Da!).

Should a female individual drink it, she becomes aggressive.

New Edition Edit

Hua Tuo upgrades the potion to make the drinker "change" upon drinking instead of hearing claps. However, the effect is only temporary.

Unlike the first edition, the girl only becomes optimistic.

Zhen cha jing

Side EffectsEdit

This potion is mixed with various ingredients, one of which involves dreaming. Should a person drink it while it's cold, nothing will happen. However, should a person drink it while it's warm, it causes deadly side effects.

  • Red marks appear on the individual's body.
  • The individual becomes sleepy despite having enough sleep.
  • The individual's other organs fall into a comatose state. When the heart reaches the same state, the individual dies.

These side effects can be neutralized by using Zhen Cha Jing.

List of VictimsEdit

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